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UI error ( during crafting) PS4

Antony S
Antony S
Hi !

I Have problem . The situation occurred when im scrolling down for style window it freeze for a second then pop up UI error
  • Antony S
    Antony S
    Already tried next steps - set to default settings , reinstall the ESO but it gives no results.
    Could you be so kind to help solve that issue my ticket # 221120-000587
  • ZOS_Bill
    @Antony S

    Thank you for providing the ticket number. We have sent you an update on the ticket via forum PM.
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  • Rinlan_Darius
    I have the same thing, but on the box, and also in the Russian language of the interface. But not on the PS, but I play there in the English interface, apparently the problem is in the language.
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