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Transitional guild - helping you get to the PvE endgame!

Black Dragon Defenders is a guild committed to helping players transition into veteran DLC trials and the ESO endgame, providing a fun and supportive atmosphere for players to grow. With about 200 players in game and over 850 in discord, we still manage to have a tight-knit and welcoming community.

We have different runs to cater to your skill level:
- Open – Casual, no ranks required, mechs may or may not be explained
- Training - low or no ranks required, will go over mechs in depth
- Farming - intermediate to higher ranks required, limited mech explanations
- Progression – stable rosters focused on clearing specific content, skill level will depend on the trial, mech explanations will start in-depth and as runs progress, mechs will not be explained
- Achievement - high skill required, no mech explanations

We will help you farm gear to get you trial ready if you are not already. We also actively give build advice with dedicated officers to each role.
Join us and get yourself into ESO endgame!!!!

Feel free to message me with any questions or join the discord below!

  • o0Velius
    Definitely interested in joining
    Main Tank For
    Difficulty Increased

    PC : @o0Velius

    Xbox One. GT: oo Velius
  • Intercurse
    Hey the discord link has expired, would like to join - sounds like a good fit
  • Sparrachion
    Updated Discord invite so you can join the fun: https://discord.gg/h3zZ23Ug :-)
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