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Missed opportunities with crafting station antiquities/Leads

For the purposes of this post I'm going to completely gloss over anything that is crown-store exclusive (like witches cauldron, clockwork, etc), or is generic (like the 35 ticket provisioning station + attuneables from Rolis Hlaalu). I also won't mention vague mentions of what I discovered through some research as it appears to be datamined and not added into the final game.

So this post isn't just about homes and furnishings, it's also about the antiquities and crafting systems. Once you find an antiquity for a furnishing, extra copies can become available in your home through a furnishing vendor or by finding the same antiquity again. Some completionists may want to get three of each response from the antiquities guild, so it's no surprise to me if lore junkies farm for certain antiquities for the sake of completing all possible lore gathering options in the game, as that is its own form of achievement.

To the point-
I'll start off by listing what race-specific stations we have that we can get without crowns:
  • Orsinium had the Anvil for blacksmithing that players can receive, and that's decidedly Orcish. ut1n2lg92nej.png
  • We got a Daedric enchanting table from Blackwood/Deadlands which pretty much speaks for itself. 8dyob67wx0ua.png
  • In looking more up about enchanting I saw that there's a Khajiit Brazier which can be crafted icbertjz7bhu.png
  • provisioning is obtainable through leads on High Isle- which can be found on the floor and are druidic in design. xcv34af3t9mk.png
  • Shipbuilder's Drafting Table from Galen 4q5en3pnqyrx.png

There are other versions of the provisioning station which can be crafted and they are as follows-
  • Blackwood Provisioning Station ndumlgou4v47.png
  • Elsweyr Grill 6xp1z4m6a6es.png
  • Solitude Grill w9gb42g67uat.png

Room for improvement:

For this area off I'm going to start talking about things we are missing
Jewelcrafting as it's a persistent problem when it comes to rewarding attunables.
  • Part of the issue with ESO+ is that when you no longer have it, you can't use certain skill lines. Jewelcrafting is one of them. Attunable JC stations have been getting passed over as reward options and to me it's not really a big deal since guild halls often contain them and are able to eat the cost of an extra station.
  • The issue with JC, is that Summerset is tied to it. Due to this, the leads for this station need to start dropping from Summerset and remain within Summerset, or at least they must end up there. It's generally accepted that Elves can produce some of the finest quality rings- heck there's a whole genre of fantasy about elves making rings that are too powerful. So let there be a High Elf themed JC crafting station. I would love to see what the art team can come up with here.
  • I mention this below, but a Nordic clothier station would be something to consider and is another thing we don't have. A Bosimer one could be considered instead- they have reputations for being carnivorous within the AD but use most-all parts of what they kill.

Other ideas:
  • We don't really have a culture-inspired woodworking station, the shipbuilder one is a craftsman one, which is more detailed than the default one. I don't have major complaints with it, something of Bosimer design might be nice though we know their policy on using wood from trees, I would imagine a bosimer woodworking station to be a made available with some sort of understanding (from the antiquarians) that respect for nature is a big part of this antiquity, and for the crafting station itself to be living.
  • We don't have a culture-inspired Alchemy station - I would like to see something tied to tribal Argonians or Ashlanders eventually, however it would be really nice to get access to this antiquity after helping to rebuild the root-whisper tribe. But I would take a risk- why not explore a Sload alchemy station? I'm interested in seeing what their engorged, slimy claws were able to wrap their hands around- you can do a lot with this.
  • A Nordic brewery or a clothing station would be sublime.
  • An Undaunted outfit station would be a really nice touch, though this probably seems more appropriate for the Reachmen.
  • What does House Dres do? They are the agarian powerhouse, they provide food for Mother Morrowind. It would be nice to get a look into what provisioning stations they use while not being top priority. While I would like to see Ashlander camps be retouched and get something nice.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with any of these dropping as antiquities or perhaps as blueprints? What would you like to see instead?
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