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Official Discussion Thread for, "Crown Store Showcase—November 2022"

Community Manager
Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Crown Store Showcase—November 2022"

"Prepare for your adventures in perilous Galen with these new and returning items all coming to the in-game Crown Store this November!"
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Staff Post
  • Monweel
    This is the 5th time Dwarven crates returned, last time being last year. Why does New Moon crates keep getting skipped? It has been almost 3 years.
  • Stncold
    Was really hoping that brassy assassin would be available this month like it has in past Novembers so that I could get it for my second account and use it on a character it would be perfect for. Even worse is that instead of it appearing there is a screenshot of a houseguest using it as if to taunt me.

    Between that and the abysmal state of the game I have canceled both my subscriptions. I see no further reason to keep them going as of right now.
  • MafiaCat115
    I see Dwarven Crates and Stone Eagle Aerie, both things I've excitedly been waiting for! Can't wait for those to come around in the store.

    As for requests, I'd love to see the Wild Hunt and the Dragonscale crates return. To a lesser extent, also the Frost Atronach crates. And usual, I am requesting that hair dyeing is added in game!

    Thanks again for the Hollowjack crates, I have my first radiant apex now :)
    Still hoping that one day hair dyeing will be an option. We know it's canon in universe already thanks to a book in the Manor of Masques! (House of Reveries: The Troupe)Proud owner of a Morrowind Banner of the 6th House
  • Jim_Pipp
    Can anyone confirm?

    I heard a rumour that the dwarven armor memento visually puts armor on werewolves.

    #1 tip (Re)check your graphics settings periodically - especially resolution.
  • FluffyBird
    This got to be the very first showcase where I'm not interested in anything, because everything I'd want I already have. Also, ZOS, I find your lack of fresh new crown items disturbing.
  • Soarora
    I’m genuinely confused about the three crafting station bundle. Am I missing something here? Can already get the entire set through writs or most of the set through antiquities and furnishings. And it’s limited time too… huh?
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  • BenevolentBowd
    Removal of Existing Crown Store Items

    The following items will be retired from the Crown Store on all platforms, only available from November 28 to December 5 at 10am EST.


    Crown Crafting Motif: Annihilarch's Chosen
    Crown Crafting Motif: Black Fin Legion
    Crown Crafting Motif: Crimson Oath
    Crown Crafting Motif: Fargrave Guardian
    Crown Crafting Motif: Silver Rose
    Crown Crafting Motif: Sul-Xan
    Crown Crafting Motif: True-Sworn
    Crown Crafting Motif: Waking Flame

    Can you clarify the first paragraph? I'm updating my ESO Calendar and in the past articles, the items were all removed at the same time. This text seems to imply the items will be available for a limited time and then removed forever. Is this correct?
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  • boi_anachronism_
    I am kind of excited for the dwarven crates. There are a few things I like that I can get with gems I've save over the last year. I'd be plenty happy if new moon doesn't show up until Feb when I have enough endeavors for the wolf mount js
  • Michae
    At first I was disappointed that there's no new costumes, but then I saw what we get in daily rewards. Money saved.
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  • BloodyStigmata
    I like the new arms pack. I kind wish the 1-handed weapon was a sort of sickle-like axe or something--I think it would have fit the whole vibe it has going on. We need more sickles/scythes tbh.

    I need a second vampire knight target dummy, so the mad alchemist bundle coming back is nice.

    Dwarven crates are coming back. If anyone doesn't have them, don't miss your chance to grab the White River Braids.

    As far as what I'm here for, you already know. I grabbed the Cinderstone Kagouti already so this month's new resident at the reserve is already at home. As far as others I'm missing, I'm not seeing anything else which is a bit disappointing.

    Since the New Life Festival is fast approaching, I'd like to take this moment to remind the team that the Frostbane pets from years and year ago have still yet to return in any capacity. Since I and others are already capped on tickets and have all event items thus far, an opportunity to use our event tickets on these Frostbane Pets that were previously rewards for New Life would be appreciated.

    As far as my collection is concerned, again, there are quite a few things I hope return to the crown store. These are listed in the spoiler tag below;

    EDIT: It has come to my attention that I'm no longer allowed to talk about things that are unreleased or datamined, and I have thusly updated my signature and this post accordingly.

    -Kagouti Mounts-
    1. Hearthfire Kagouti: A kagouti that has come around twice before. Like the shadowghost guar, I would like to see it return as either a standalone item or as part of an upcoming crown crate if at all possible.

    -Guar Pets-
    1. Pony Guar: This was given away via code for those who bought the guar plush back near the game's initial launch. The company who sells the plush says they no longer give the codes. I would like to see it return in the crown store if at all possible.
    2. Striated Pony Guar: This was available on the crown store a long, long time ago and hasn't returned since. I would love to see it return.
    3. New Moon Calf: This hasn't been seen since around the time the New Moon crates were first available I believe. They didn't come back the last time the New Moon Crates came back either. We'd enjoy seeing it again sometime this season if at all possible.
    4. Frostbane Pony Guar: These were possible rewards during the New Life Festival in 2018. If you could maybe bring back the frostbane pets for this year's New Life Festival, that'd be great.
    5. Unreleased Guar Pet: There is an as-of-yet unreleased guar calf. I'm not allowed to talk about it thanks to new policy changes on the forums, so I can't tell you what it is.

    -Kagouti Hatchling Pets-
    1. Frost Atronach Kagouti Calf: These were given out in the Frost Atronach Preview crates and then later sold outright. I did not receive a kagouti calf from mine. I would like to purchase it if it becomes available.

    -Pangrit Mounts-
    1. Unreleased Pangrit Mount: There is an unreleased Pangrit mount. I'm not allowed to talk about it thanks to the new policy changes here on the forums, so I can't tell you what it is.

    -Bantam Guar Pets-
    1. Atmoran Bantam Guar: Was given as a reward for completing customer survey. I was never sent a survey in order for this to be rewarded to me, but feel free to send one!
    2. Eerie Violet Bantam Guar: Given out as a random reward from stream team members. I'll keep watching, but I don't like that obtaining this one is entirely luck based.
    3. Hot Blooded Bantam Guar: Given out as an in-person convention reward. I'd sure love to have the luxury of time for traveling to such events, but alas, this humble guar herder does not. Consider adding the three mentioned bantam guar here to a bantam guar collectors pack on the crown store.

    -Things that don't exist at all which would be welcome at our guar reserve-
    1. Alit mounts/pets
    2. Wormmouth mounts/pets
    3. Cliff Strider Mounts
    4. Hackwing Mounts/Pets
    5. Wammassu Mounts
    6. Cliff Racer Pets
    7. Cliff Darter Pets
    8. Esqoo of Dhalmora houseguest

    Thank you for your time, and I'll bother you all again next month.
    Edited by BloodyStigmata on November 2, 2022 3:14AM
    Owner and proprietor of the Northern Elsweyr Guar Reserve and The Hunting Grounds Guar Reserve, Tamriel's home to all things guar.
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  • TruthSeeker
    Please can you tell me if Sweetwater Cascades will ever be available again - I missed it the first time around.
  • Aeslief
    No Fennorian houseguest. My dark heart is in pieces.
  • boi_anachronism_
    Hackwing/cliff racer pets/mounts? Please God no. I loath those things. Kill it with fire.
    Edited by boi_anachronism_ on November 2, 2022 9:52PM
  • Lauranae
    to delete wrong post
    Edited by Lauranae on November 3, 2022 3:17AM
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