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Official Discussion Thread, "Loremaster’s Archive—The Druid Circles of Galen"

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Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Loremaster’s Archive—The Druid Circles of Galen"

"Learn about the Druid Circles of Galen as Laurel of the Stonelore answers the ESO community’s questions in a new Loremaster’s Archive!"
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  • CoolBlast3
    Amazing loremaster archive, really liked this one!
    Though, I've just one question! On the answered question about [I've heard some among the druid-folks have taken to shapeshifting to animals like those dire bears known as ursauks. I am curious how your arts differ from the Glenmoril Wyrd's shapeshifting - which is connected to the Stag Prince Hircine. ]
    Whilst the question refers to the Glenmoril Wyrd, the answer refers to the Glenumbra Wyrd through [A great divide exists between the followers of the True Way and the Wyresses of Glenumbra, you see.], which is odd!
    The Glenumbra (Beldama) Wyrd are worshippers of Jephre, and personally, I find it out of character for them to worship Hircine. Meanwhile the Glenmoril Wyrd, which the question asks about, do have Hircine worshippers among their ranks. Is this a mistype perhaps?
    Thanks for any clarification!
  • Aliyavana
    I think they meant Wyresses of Glenmoril.

    Another funny thing is the Beldama Wyrd are Jephre worshippers, but they are refered to as the Glenmoril wyrd in the Logbook of Druid Anwas, which is already confusing since the name is too similar to the Glenmoril Wyrd. Additionally, the Glenmoril Wyrd also dwell in Glenumbra, specifically in the Ilessan Hills.

    I wish they confirmed if the Skeffington Coven are a branch of the Beldama or Glenmoril Wyrd though. Woulda been nice to know.
    Edited by Aliyavana on October 27, 2022 7:30PM
  • SammyKhajit
    From time to time, this one cannot resist the temptation of scratching trees, Spriggans included. This one looks at the trees fondly and is certain that all Khajiiti kin feel the same - that trees provide happiness and scratching. But this one is concerned: What do the trees really think? Do they appreciate the scratches?


    I feel both honored and a little flummoxed to find myself speaking on behalf of Tamriel's trees. I'll try to do the grove proud. It's a truth of nature that cats across the continent sharpen their claws on bark, and Y'ffre makes no mistakes. So if you find yourself deep in the green and feel the need to scratch that itch, I think you're fine. While that's true of trees in general, Spriggans are a people all their own.

    The next time you find yourself near nature's guardians I would take the safest of all possible options and ask their permission before attempting to sink your claws in. While the Singer's patience is unending, some of their followers are inescapably mortal.

    Bright moons and sharp claws! Thank you, Druid Laurel, for answering this one’s question. And Sammy solemnly promise to ask for trees and tree-looking creatures for permission before scratching!
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Now I have a pet theory that Galen is one of Y'ffre’s aspects. :)
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  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    So these druids are given shapeshifting by Y'ffre? But to the supposedly chosen people of Y'fffre the bosmer, he made shapeshifting a most heinous act and blasphemy?

    The bosmer were until now quite unique with their strong connection and worship to Y'ffre, the Green and things like their Spinners, but now they seem to have company and was yet not mentioned once.

    The centaur answer was somewhat nice, though. Going by that we can perhaps presume that a lot of other creatures that exist in lore but doesn't show up do exist. They just aren't shown (of some reason). Wonder if this includes the satyrs of Valenwood or if they also hang around in Falinesti with the imga. ...How similar would fauns and satyrs look.
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  • Raulfran891
    Soul Shriven
    i'm waitting for more Loremaster's Archive blogs, it's a perfect opportunity to have a conversation with a person in elder scrolls universe :D
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