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Looking for friends to connect with : ) (PC EU)

Hey everyone : ) I'm Matteo, I'm from the UK and have been playing on/off since release-*game release that is, I ain't a 'Con. Though I always did favour Soundwave🤔ANYWAY-

I'm looking specifically for people who are friendly, laid-back and genuinely want to connect with others. ..Yes I know that last bit comes off a bit odd (but its about to get even weirder😈🤣) I'm always hoping to find like-minded individuals who prioritise chatting and getting to know eachother whilst playing, over just 'people to game with'. And yes I've tried Guilds, but they're far too much of a crowd! I much prefer a small group of friends i know well ^^

So if you're a bit of a sensitive, lonely soul like myself, enjoy long promenades down Daedric brimstone-beaches, terrible Dad-jokes *seriously why does everyone keep saying this about mee- *And genuinely yearn for friendship, shoot me a message!^^

For the game itself, I enjoy overland content and group dungeons. I've dabbled a wee bit in PvP, its kinda fun, but PvE is much more my thing. Certainly its a better place to chat and get to know others!^^

I have several characters, one Champion level...something(🤔?) Tank...who's my most-favoured son 💪And several other low levels who constantly suckle for my adoring attention. Like I said, been playing on-off since launch, but only recently started on PC (Originally PS4 but I'm all better now^^')

*Please don't respond unless you genuinely want to connect with others! I'm serious about the friendship thing! Mature attitudes are a must!^^
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  • Aelorin

    So nobody answered this message so far?
    Very strange.

    I am looking for a group to get together regularly (at least once a week) to tackle the vet dungeons and hard modes.

    I can play as Necro DPS (currently levelling a DK tank), there is also a Templar healer, and pet Sorcerer.

    Seems you are a nice person, so maybe that 4th spot we are looking for?

    Since we will come together often, we will get to know eacht other :-)

    Sent me a message here or ingame if interested.
    And so the Elder Scrolls foretold.You will be shy, and I will be bold.
  • GothicMando
    ..Yknow id just about given up on getting a response on here 😅 Thank you for your reply!^^ I'd definitely be up for joining you! : )
  • blktauna
    You will not get an answer here. It's the wrong audience.

    Your best bet is to check small guilds
  • GothicMando
    Thank you @blktauna for the advice! I've been doing just that for a while and have made lovely friends already and I've been aware of your point since I first made this post : )

    But as they say, cast the widest net, catch the most fish!^^
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