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Dissentients (Ebonheart) NA

Dissentients is looking for new members. Our guild is available to all types of gamers, from PvP to RP, though primarily PvE. Dissentients was formed with the expectation to be a medium sized casual guild that can pull together for group or any high-end content. We are looking for mature players with the same mindset. Dissentients utilizes Ventrilo for voice communication if desired. The only requirement is to not purposely act in a way that discredits the guild or cause undue stress to other players.

We are currently looking to estabilsh a core group of players for end-game content (raids / dungeons). This guild is by no means a traditional 'hard core' guild and never will be, but I guarantee progression will occur when we have the numbers.

A little background of me, I have been in MMO's since 2002. I have played a majority of all MMOs that have been released in that time (as well as every Elder Scrolls title). I have led high end raiding guilds in EQ, WoW, DDO and Rift, I've seen the good and bad that comes out of it. I am not looking to continue that tradition in ESO. I prefer to play in a group dynamic over soloing a majority of the time, which seems to be harder to find in todays games.

In short, if your looking for a casual guild that has the ability to become great while at the same time expieriencing all that ESO has to offer in a friendly commitment-free atmostphere then by all means give us a try. I can make no promises, but I will do my best to make Dissentients a guild you'll enjoy.

If interested please PM @redn3k or @duhastmich in-game for an invite, drop a reply here or go over to dissentients.guildportal.com and apply.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I look forward to gaming with you!
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