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Official Discussion Thread for, "Firesong DLC & Update 36 Now Available on the PC/Mac PTS"

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Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Firesong DLC & Update 36 Now Available on the PC/Mac Public Test Server (PTS)"

"Dive into the conclusion of the Legacy of the Bretons saga and help us test ESO’s next big zone DLC and Update."
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  • comicfan22
    So, as a housing enthusiast, I appreciate the addition of more furnishings, some nice Maomer things and Druidic items as well as some more High Isle themed things. But the lack of new housing is very disappointing tbh. A new druidic home would have been lovely to go with said furnishings.
  • TheDarkRuler
    How about adding the old templar spears as a slottable Skin?
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