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Whitestrake’s Mayhem July 2022 Recap

Community Manager
Hi All. We have another post in-game event infographic for you. Take a peek at our Whitestrake’s Mayhem recap to find out and check out some other highlights from the event. Which other hot spots did you see a lot of battle in?
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  • React
    Very cool infographic!

    I'd love to see the kills or AP earned recounted for the next event as well. I bet those numbers are huge!
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  • deleted221205-002626
    Obviously Brindle would be most scouted! Like we ALL need to know whats reeeely going on over there!
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Glory for the Dominion! :smiley:
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  • Katheriah
    MrLasagna wrote: »
    Missing most important info, how many times people had to press a skill before it actually fired.
    I would be very interested in it.

    I would like to see that info as total lost time per server too. And the amount of desyncs. The amount of times people got meteored in a wall or ceiling. Total disconnects. Are we missing something?

    Performance felt worse than normal during events.
  • Xarc
    wow awesome, theses stats ! THX

    lol brindle most scouted xD
    both AD & DC know it's a key for AP & tactical point.
    But AD are known for having the best scouts.

    on EU server:

    And about Nikel, it cant be Sejanus because of bridge, first. Everytime it's destroyed AD are focusing DC and go for nikel.
    And it cant be bleakers's because of chalmania. Everytime DC take bleak, DC goes to chalman. It's not the case for EP, they often are stopped at aleswell it's a well defended keep because a keep between north & south for DC.
    carmala/harlun/winter are far of things so rarely disputed and more rarely defended.
    then Nikel because brindle, of course.
    and finally, Nikel because AD are determined, in defense. That's a fact.

    EP won because of zerg, as usual. Without zerg they never defend a keep correctly, of course there are great solo players but it doesnt make everything.
    DC worked to not be #1 in score to get low pop bonus, sad but true. Great players, great groups of solo, awesome potential but they will never win as long as they will play for troll, too much smalscale, guild playing for themself only, and 0 coordination, no real lfg group, leader abandonned it. It's DC's story.
    AD for me have won this event (again, as usual). They have everything great but also best toxic players.

    One bad thing here is also score gained by nightcaps.

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  • martinhpb16_ESO
    I enjoyed it to an extent but to be honest there was a lot more lag in GH / PC / EU than in previous years, which overshadowed the overall event.

    I am just glad that U35 had not been released as the whole thing would have been unplayable.

    It is always great fun to see so many people and fights in IC and sewers during these events, I really enjoyed this. Would be great if there were some incentives that could be introduced to build on this.


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    At least the spelling is difficult for you.
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  • agelonestar
    I think I spent about 50% of my time at Nikel so that feels about right !!!
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  • newtinmpls
    I'm not that crazy about PvP, but I do like the ReCap, it's kinda neat to see.
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  • Oakenaxe
    Nice! I wish this event would happen 3x a year (beggining, middle, end) :p
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  • malistorr
    Any update on the recode that was announced in January?
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