Enough Enormous Houses!

  • Jaclynn
    As I have said too many times to count. Blank slate property. No house, especially now that they have given us tons of structural items.
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  • HoosierPappy
    Perhaps they should offer the same house in the small, med or large size! Several of them would be sweet in med size with more "yard".
    1 home, 3 size choices!
  • Nestor
    We should get a Small or Medium House Offerings in addition to the Mansions.

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  • Arbit
    Honestly black vine villa is still my favourite house in the game. Even tho I have several mansions I still find myself moving into my first and nearly smallest house time and time again.

    Tel Galen is around the size of a notable home I would expect, but some of these new mansions are too big for me. I know some players love decorating these massive homes, but for me I just want a humble abode. I still need enough space for all my mundus stones and crafting stations mind you. I actually needed to build a platform in the sky in black vine for this to work. It is a little TOO small honestly for everything I need but I do not want a giganto massive super house either.

    I would appreciate more notable homes around the size of Tel Galen, or smaller even. I need a big yard for my crafting, but a small house that is actually able to house everything I need would be really cool. Maybe if they made a little house on a big plot of land, like a cottage in a place like moonsugar meadows. That would be my ideal.
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  • Treeshka
    I really would like to have those small houses that you can break into in Leyawiin and maybe maybe a Elsweyr themed small house but it might be too late for these.
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  • Starbridge84
    Please ZOS by the Divines! Enough with the grandiose villas and estates. Add more smaller to medium sized homes, abodes that can actually be furnished without spending every last piece of coin purchasing furniture or all the gold materials in the bank to produce enough things to fill the vast blank spaces.


    I love my large plots, I want more large plots!
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  • Ruj
    I like large plots personally.

    Castles are my thing. If anything I want to be able to place down more items.

    Even so, I don't see why they couldn't plop down a cottage that already has a model to make people who want a tiny home happy.
  • everseeing_njpreub18_ESO
    I prefer the larger homes i can fit all my ideas into instead of 10 small ones i have to bounce between.

    I find that when working on smaller homes i hit limits too fast and end up with things feeling unfinished, my small "furniture overflow store" has a merchant and a guard and when i wanted to add a cat on the bed or a customer, wham! sudden limit and there goes all my enjoyment because i cant finish how i imagined it. I wanted to make an Inn/Tavern, i put in my serving lass, merchant, guard, and 2 guests and wham! the place feels dead. I'd like horses out front, a cat on the bar, a dog by the door, all my companions, etc.

    I'd rather have medium homes with manor limits or something, If i can wall off 90% of a manor and fit all my items in 1 room, why cant we just get smaller houses but with the higher limits?

    Then at least I'd have the space to do what i imagine without worrying about what i need to remove to add something else.

    Or of course as has been requested i think nearing a billion times, if possible of course, raise the item limits.
  • Lucjan
    I'm usually buying all the houses that pop up on the crown store, but I recently realised I never actually use them. Most of the notable homes are impressive, no question about it. But most are not really useful as such. You often have to run a lot to get to the "house" itself. The distance to way shrines or vendors are another problem with most of them.

    The large and medium houses I have however are seeing some serious use. A great example for a house I love is Proudspire Manor. It's large enough to place everything I want, really close to the way shrine and vendors are closely.
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