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Official Discussion Thread for: The Undaunted Celebration In-Game Event, Live Starting Today!

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Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Earn Bonus Loot by Delving Tamriel’s Dungeons During the Undaunted Celebration Event"

"Earn special event rewards by conquering Tamriel’s many dangerous dungeons during the Undaunted Celebration in-game event!"
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  • FlopsyPrince
    Only 2 event tickets per day, right?

    (Yes, I read the article, but I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything there.)
    Edited by FlopsyPrince on September 9, 2022 12:21AM
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  • agelonestar
    My least favourite event. You can't love 'em all I guess...
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  • Ingenon
    Please fix the UI error https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/616904/ui-error-on-console/p1, and then extend the Undaunted event.

    Many folks have posted on these forums and other I have talked to on guild discord and chat about how they are getting kicked from dungeon groups because of this UI error, and the time it takes some folks to recover from it. PUG are not waiting for folks that have to restart their game because for some folks this UI error locks up their controls.
  • BMedussa8
    Hey, that UI error happened to me yesterday. Couldn't do a darn thing....had to completely restart my system (Xbox) and by the time I tried to rejoin the pick up group....they had finished (Elden Hollow I)...
  • EmilyElizabethESO
    This UI Error event is so much fun, thanks!
    Edit: don't try to die to environmental damage, you can't use a wayshrine 😄 10/10 ZOS, good job
    Edited by EmilyElizabethESO on September 9, 2022 10:49PM
  • Hotdog_23
    Thanks for running the event over 2 weekends.

    Stay safe :)

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