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Lag spikes, connection lost, roll backs on PC EU

Hi there,

Some/many of us are experiencing problems on PC EU as of now.

I had it in overland PVE and also in PVP. It's not looking good.
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  • Kerres
    Soul Shriven
    same, after patch random lag spikes, and disconnections
  • Tandor
    No issues for me on either PC server in overland non-dungeon content, including various zones and delves etc.

    Make sure you've updated all addons, personally I don't use them so that may be a factor in our respective experiences.
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  • Heresyall
    Same here

    -Heresya EP MagNB/AR 50
    -Hȩresya EP MagNB/AR 50
    -Lonely Player EP MagNB/AR 50
    -The Godblade DC MagNB/ AR 50
    -Useless Class EP MagNB/AR 50
    -Crippled Class AD MagNB/AR 49
    -The Serpent EP MagNB/ AR 49
    -Lord Herrington EP MagDK/AR 46
    -Turbo ...... EP MagNecro/AR 35

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    Hopesfire/Roleplay Circle
  • Dragkiris
    Oddly I was having these issues after the update and first time playing. Had to reboot my PC after updating and it resolved the issues. Likely sub optimal handling of the update files
  • Turtle_Bot
    First and foremost, double check all addons are up to date (even if you have to turn off ones that are out of date for a while until they update).

    If that has been done, I don't know what to say, hopefully it gets fixed soon for you.

    P.s. I haven't had time to play since the hot-fix yesterday, but when I jumped on before that it was fine for me.
  • Lebkuchen
    I can save you the trouble of looking in this thread multiple times a day, waiting for explanations, acknowledgement, recognition, appreciation, communication or whatever. You will get a few answers of people with the same issues. Some will tell you they never ever had any kinds of problems playing this game, ever. Then this thread will be moved to a more appropriate category. Some people will come and explain something to you that has nothing to do with your problems (like me haha). Some other people will start a fight about something completely different. Maybe you will try to describe your issues better in hope to get back on topic and maybe even find a solution. In a month, if the thread is not closed or deleted by then, someone will post a link that offers different troubleshooting you can try for latency issues while playing ESO. Contacting customer support will end with them telling you to open your ports, and switch to NAT Type 1, because they can see high latency on your side. On their side everything is fine, nothing changed, it is all your own fault. I am afraid you will get no answers here. And nobody will ever look at the issues you are describing, because nobody is getting paid to do so. I hope i am wrong, but it has been like this for a while.
    Playstation EU and NA
  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    It's even worse as of today (PC EU PVE and PVP)

    I've been using Ping Meter to check my ping to various servers around the globe and it's fairly stable.

    I can hardly bar swap this evening with spikes all over the place and at least 5 of these in an hour

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  • mmtaniac
    Game become Lag festival after patch , before was to but right now is unplayable everywhere before was only on cyro and sometimes in prime times was little higher ping. Right now ping become PING .
  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    mmtaniac wrote: »
    Game become Lag festival after patch , before was to but right now is unplayable everywhere before was only on cyro and sometimes in prime times was little higher ping. Right now ping become PING .

    Yeah and any ADSL players can't play....

    I spoke with fiber optic friends who said they are sitting on a lovely 400 ping in Cyrodiil with spikes, myself..I can't even move.

    In Craglorn at the moment and I just see people rubberbanding left and right until I'll get kicked to login I suppose.
  • Vicquemare
    Same here. I'm getting huge ping spikes, crashes, disconnections and it's started right after the latest patch. I asked people in my guilds and they complained about having the same issue. I also asked pugs with whom I ran some dungeons, they also said the same thing. Overland content is somewhat playable, if you don't mind your character freezing while trying to do writs and stuff, but dungeons and trials are almost impossible to do now, especially on vet. Tried to do a vet trial yesterday and I was booted from the server every 30 seconds.

    This happened to me before a couple of times. After the maintenance last December and this June. It went on for 6-8 weeks or so. Now I managed to play normally for like 2 weeks and it started again =/ Literally don't know what they have done or what I have to do to resolve this.
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  • Van_Winkle
    Same. But everything was ok on BG's, which is odd.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • ZOS_Bill
    Is anyone having lag issues today?

    Are they specific to one zone or happening everywhere?

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  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    ZOS_Bill wrote: »
    Is anyone having lag issues today?

    Are they specific to one zone or happening everywhere?

    Cyrodill PC EU is lagging more than it should, Bill.
    I didn't particularly feel like writing today, but if you should ask; It's probably the new Mara's Balm set with more calculations added to a fragile server and the fact that time to kill has evidently gone up again (hence longer stagnant fights and the creation of lag zones).

    We've been around long enough to notice that it always boils down to this issue. A work around (hotfix) before the 5th would be appreciated and logical.

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