Game Crashing on Launch or Hanging on Character Load

Soul Shriven
Half the time my game will crash on launch before the login screen. If I manage to make it to character select, it will hang in an infinite load screen after selecting a character and eventually I will have to force close it from task manager.
I also don't see my cursor when on the sign-in screen or the character select screen so if I'm tabbed out I'm basically playing a guessing game trying to click the password line to log in. It was crashing on launch before u35 but a simple repair fixed it. Now a repair, disk check etc. have all not fixed it.

I was able to add it to Steam and launch it via Steam with no issues. and yes, I could continue to play it that way but launching it that way results in my Discord overlay not showing up when in voice chat with others so I would prefer to continue launching it via the ESO launcher.

I am on PC NA
Intel i9-9900k
32GB Ram
2070 Super GPU
64bit OS

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