Live Stock in Vivec's Stable

Please for better immersion add to Stablemaster's roaming stock also the horses he sells.
The invisible horses available for sale aren't walking there, while all the 'more expensive' stock roaming nearby cannot be bought.

This place always makes me feel like something is not right, bad for immersion.
I wonder how new players feel, when they wish to buy their first mount in this stable.

Even simple guar native to Vvardenfell is not available there.
Also the caravan guars, ready to carry our belongings, not for sale.
In crown store there is a pig and rat with backpack, kinda weird for immersion is especially this rat, but why a pack guar is not in stock?
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  • Dr_Con
    It's a pack rat, skeevers are a thing, as is enchanting of animals for labor.

    I'm not against adding a pack guar but you're really asking for too many things in this topic and also putting up google drive links that no one is going to want to visit.

    yes, a basic guar would be nice to add to his stock, or to give the expansion some exclusivity just have him be the only guar seller. These would be cool additions.
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  • Gargath
    Sorry, I didn't even think of giving links to malware, these are just screenshots taken from game :).
    Here they are:
    PC EU (PL): 14 characters. Member of Priests of Hircine Werewolf Guild. ESO player since 06.08.2015.
  • Cosmo_Nova
    Yeah I've felt like basic versions of mounts should be available in the dlcs for a while. Guar for Vvardenfell, a senche for Elsweyr, camel for Hammerfell, etc. Just so a new player of every race can have a mount that makes sense for their character in the lore. I remember playing a Dunmer character and riding a horse around Morrowind, felt silly and immersion breaking. It's especially nonsensical when local stablemasters supposedly sell these animals and their inventory is the same three horses.

    Of course I can see how that could be construed as asking for free crown store stuff, but they rarely ever sell plain mounts in crates anyway, only ones with variant patterns and colorations, and of course the apex mounts with fancy appearances, animations and particle effects. Not sure that having a plain guar or unadorned senche would actually affect sales. Might even drive up dlc purchases if a new gold-purchaseable mount per chapter is guaranteed.

    Also, if you need to add an image to your post, the editor will let you upload an image directly from file. If you'd rather use a host, try using Imgur, they don't watermark it like Photobucket.
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