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Sorc King Patron

I'm not sure what, but a change needs to be made with how this patron works..if your npc opponent picks this deck the match devolves into a back and forth competition of who can keep the Sorc King patrons favour, otherwise be overwhelmed by the boarding party cards. The npc will ALWAYS spend the 3 coin to take the favour away from you, and you have to spend the 3 coin to get it back the next round. It's quite tedious, and not fun at all.
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  • Roxxsmom
    There was a different thread about this as well, and that does indeed seem to be the general consensus. It's not that the Sorcerer king deck in unbeatable, in fact I could generally beat the npcs with it before the patch, it's just that the strategy is very one dimensional and dull.

    From the discussion, I was under the impression that some changes to this deck were incoming with the new patch, but I didn't see mention of any changes to that deck in the patch notes.
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    Please could you tell us to exactly where you moved this thread? TY
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    Please could you tell us to exactly where you moved this thread? TY

    It shows the forum a thread is in at the top of the page.

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