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Why are the load times so long in the Deadlands? PS5


Currently in the Deadlands zone and moving between wayshrines puts me in a very long loading screen. In every other zone it’s nearly instant. Even in High Isle, going from wayshrine to wayshrine is nearly instant.

Go to Deadlands and get the message that it may be a long load time. And it is, 3-4 minutes sometimes. But, as I said above only happening in the Deadlands.

So my question is, Why?
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  • Carcamongus
    I'm on PC/NA and loading times into the Burn are considerably high. For some reason, porting into the Sever is much faster. I ported from the east of the map towards the west and was graced by the same long loading screen.
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  • MrGarlic
    I noticed this on PC/NA as well. it takes well over 1 minute to load in. It's disconcerting as it appears as if it is going to fail and crash, then suddenly, it finally loads.

    I've only just started this chapter 3 days ago (after a long absence, I am catching up) so I am not sure if this is normal behaviour for this zone.
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  • fizl101
    Yep I've seen it on ps5 eu. Its almost like its trying to route the data somewhere, timing out and hitting a secondary source
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  • Marillea
    PC EU, both me and my fiancé have very long loading screens in the Deadlands. So far no other zone seems to be affected for either of us.
  • Hotdog_23
    I too have had some long loading screens since the update. Also had a entire group kicked back to log in screen from the new trial since the update. Had to redo the first 2 bosses. PS5/NA

    Stay safe :)
  • Ballermfrau
    Same PC EU. 3.5gb read nvme

    I ´m still loading in while writing this...
  • vsrs_au
    Same here, on a brand-new gaming PC with very high specs, on EU server: the loading time into the Burn was over a minute.
    PC(Steam) / EU / play from Melbourne, Australia / avg ping 390
  • essi2
    Same for me on PC-EU, also on a NVMe.
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  • EF321
    Same, it happens when you port to player or port back from any sort of queue like BG/Dungeon/TOT/IC, use portal back from Atoll. Wayshrines seem to work fine.
  • Yakidafi
    Same for me pc eu.
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    PC EU/NA
  • Taggund
    I have noticed the same on PC NA. I was completing the Ardent Hope quest for map completion and it was very apparent. I ended up just alt-tabbing and doing other things while waiting on the load screens.
  • VoodooPlatypus
    It’s a relief to see this issue isn’t me-specific. Usually I give up and end task on the client and try to log in again. Most of the time that puts me back at my previous location (as if I never loaded into Deadlands at all), but sometimes it just locks me out of being able to use that character entirely - like the character made it to a wayshrine in The Burn, but the world won’t load.

    Workaround to resolve it on PS5 (for me at least) has been to go to the main PS5 menu, click the ESO app, go to the game page, then return to game. For whatever reason this seems to force the data somehow and the world renders.

    Hope they fix it soon.
  • Kitziboo
    Xbox EU too. Endless load screens and just can’t get in at all today.
  • Riptide
    Yep, same, PS5 NA, both the wife and I on separate devices - it is obnoxious. It isn’t connection related either, we are on fiber with a gig up/down and free and clear by traceroutes.

    How stuff like this makes it through QA and languishes on for this long I just shake my head at.
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  • ccfeeling
    PS4 NA

    Same, took about 4 to 5 mins.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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    Thank you for your understanding.
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  • dinokstrunz
    Yeah noticed this on PCEU as well, very long loading screens while trying to get into the Deadlands. Not noticed this issue anywhere else in the game just the Deadlands so far.
  • katanagirl1
    I just encountered this today, in the area near The Blood Pit. It took at least one minute, maybe two to load instead of a few seconds. Traveling to the mantikora boss for the daily was quick.

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  • HeavyESO
    Yeah traveling to the east of the map is generally fine, but the west takes ages (PC-EU)
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka
    I'm on PC/NA and have been trying to port the Deadlands and sit in the loading screen for a couple of minutes. I kill the game and log back in and it has taken my gold for the unsuccessful port. It's like every time I come back to the game after a break more stuff is broken than when I left. It almost makes me think there is a competition between ESO and Fallout 76 to see which game can have the most bugs.
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  • Rittings

    After further review we have decided to move this thread to a category we think is more appropriate for this topic.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Can i ask why this has been BURIED in the Playstation sub-thread??? There are clearly PC people complaining with the same issue... you might want to re-consider where you've moved it to.

    And yes, experiencing this on PS5/NA and PS5/EU servers also. Got a toon stuck at a wayshrine. This is like the Anvil/Vivec City wayshrine glitch that still have "bad instances" of them where if you are ported to that instance, you are going to have to keep relogging till you get in a better one.
  • mekops_ESO
    PC-NA here. Same issue. East deadlands loads fine. West deadlands takes forever.
  • kmufc77b16_ESO
    Xbox EU Same issue
  • FearTheRealFett
    Xbox Series X with high speed internet. Dead lands is the only zone I have a ridiculous load time. Even using a wayshrine in the same zone I get the load screen of death. I rather ride my mount across the map than us a wayshire there which is very sad. 😖
  • Mesite
    Same happened to me. I almost quit and then it loaded.

    But to be honest, you are travelling to the Daedric Realms
  • ellmarie
    Xbox X - NA as well. I assume it's because the area was full of people looking for leads. But it's been like this for awhile.
    Xbox X- NA
  • BahometZ
    Still experiencing longer than normal loadscreens in Deadlands compared to anywhere else.

    To emphasise, it is not just taking longer to travel in and move around the Deadlands, but i have had characters stuck in Deadlands loadscreens upon loading into game for several minutes, or time out completely.
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