Error 334 followed by Error 301 PC-EU

  • TrellyTB
    efster wrote: »
    TrellyTB wrote: »
    I was locked out, but just got in.

    did you sacrifice a goat or perform any other extra steps? still not working pc/na

    I am on pc/na, seems to be random when you get in. Very odd issue. Sometimes it says I need to contact customer support, sometimes it says my name and password are incorrect (they aren't), sometimes I get an error box. Then, I got on and am playing.

    In game, people also said they are getting "Server Full" messages, but I haven't seen that.
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  • Cyantific87
    People having problems all morning trying to log in, getting kicked etc. I gave up playing for the day after being kicked 4 times in quick succession.

    Now all that we get on the forums is "We are currently investigating issues some players are having when purchasing from the ESO Store."

    Absolute joke. God forbid they lose a bit of money. Shameful.
  • ZOS_Kevin
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    Hi all, we are flagging this for our teams to investigate.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    The server issues affecting logins for players on August 11th has been resolved. For this reason we will be closing this discussion.
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