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High Isle Inn Room Decorating Contest, July 30, Open to PC/NA and PC/EU

In Gonfalon Bay, get the Ancient Anchor Berth in the Ancient Anchor Inn and then decorate it however you like! You can max out any and all the furnishing limits. It's a challenge given only 30 traditional, 2 special, 2 collectible, and 2 special collectible furnishings. Top creative winners will get bonus prizes!

Full of potential!

High Isle Inn Room Contest Tours
Saturday, July 30, 3pm ET

Contest entry tours will be streamed at twitch.tv/jhartellis

Prizes: Top 6 creative entries will each receive 500,000g! Prize winners will be determined based on creativity, fun factor, and screenshotability (aiming for 1 good screenshot per entry, and decorating all 4 corners is not ideal for this)


Send an in-game mail on PC/NA or PC/EU to @JHartEllis. Please specify that you are entering the High Isle Inn Room contest. You may include a brief description or backstory.

Make sure JHartEllis has Visitor access for the tours. It is not necessary to set the home as your primary, and you do not need to be present. It will help with organization to enter early even if not 100% done. If you have EHT FX, publish them to the community or mail them in-game to JHartEllis

For additional housing inspiration, check out my gallery of previous contests and tours at spicyeconomics.com

You're also welcome to join our Spicy housing community at https://discord.gg/spicy

Have fun!!
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