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Moon Hunter Keep all known bugs

Since I currently spend a large amount of time within MHK, I have compiled this extensive list of bugs I have run into with this dungeon. While I doubt most will ever be fixed, it's something to look out for (I will keep updating this list when I find new bugs)

Jail doors fail to open in the first trash pool when aggroed too fast.
Jailer melitus has significantly desynced attacks, they hit before the animation even plays

Jailer melitus's pin attack at 30%, when precognition is used, will continue channeling, and its range is about half the arena long. He will chase with the sword lifted above his head.

Hedge maze elite adds will, when lunging, if the attack is ran away from, keep lunging if you keep going in and out of its range, this only stops once you dodge the attack within the attacks range.

Hedge maze guardian elite adds will, when killed, under certain circumstances start what I can only describe as dancing. Their animation for walking keeps playing in a loop on standstill even when dead.

Hedge maze stranglers will stay aggroed randomly if ran away from too quickly

Hedge maze stranglers are unable to be broken free of even when you get caught by them right on top of them.

Hedge maze stranglers will, on rare occasion, keep taking damage despite being in the ground, resulting in a far longer respawn time.

Yellow spriggans will sometimes get stuck behind trees, specifically the first one encountered. If standing in pretty much most of the trash area it will be unable to escape it's little hedge area

Yellow spriggan first encounter, if a wipe happens after the 1st elite add dies, the spriggans will do very random things: either they despawn, or stand there and do nothing. Usually the first one. This add pool, if wiped on, will never function after the first try.

Green spriggans right before the Hedge Maze Guardian will sometimes, when killed, remain in some way and keep you in combat until you either leave the instance or die.

Green spriggans in the boss arena. when you get killed while they spawn, they will remain there despite having died in the bossfight. Engaging them will cause the boss to start getting healing even if the boss is at 100%

Green spriggans will sometimes stop their healing animation when the boss moves in certain places, making it significantly harder to find out how many remain.

The hedge maze guardian, when moved around too much (chasing, around the maze etc) will often start channeling it's conal attack, and then cancel it, when arrived at the player immedeatly channeling a heavy attack within about 0.1 seconds while keeping its cone attack animation (roots extending out of arms)

The hedge maze guardian, when in the previously mentioned state, can sometimes get stuck on walls, and then speed up, moving at up to 10x the normal speed toward you.

The hedge maze guardian sometimes ignores walls, and will heavy attack you through them regardless.

The door blocking the way to Mylenne's arena will sometimes simply not function and remain closed for the rest of the dungeon despite killing the Hedge Maze guardian.

Mylenne Moon-Caller will sometimes ignore dodge rolls, hitting the target regardless with its heavy attack.

The werewolf type adds that channel a conal flurry attack will often do so out of range of the player, resulting in pointless lengthy channel where it cannot move.

When moved by a chain ability (unrelenting grip, silver leash possibly any add moving ability), the moon hunter cleaver, and striker that get transformed by Archivist Ernarde often do not display their transformation animation (edited)

The werewolf adds during Vykosa's free movement stages of the fight will randomly channel their heavy attacks, out of range of the player with no catalyst.

When a werewolf add jumps down and the bossfight is a wipe, rarely it is possible the werewolf adds remain in place, able to be fought seperately from the boss after respawning
Vykosa, Ary and Zel's movement toward the player is overcompensates very often, leading to Vykosa for example getting behind you despite standing still.

When vykosa channels her Rending Slash, her animation will bug out, making her slide across the floor if you move away too far.

It is possible to jump on top of the Hedge Maze, to the top left of the boss arena, do some small jumps, then make a larger but still fairly easy jump over the gate, to Mylenne Moon-Callers arena, effectively skipping the Hedge Maze guardian.

When porting in and out, or respawning at wayshrine, previously opened doors will appear closed despite still being open

During the yellow spriggan skeever hardstun channel, the hedge maze elite adds will sometimes be unable to hit any heavy attacks on you despite being within range and showing clear aoe on the target.
  • Necrotech_Master
    WW enemies channeling heavy attacks way out of range is not something limited to this dungeon, ive seen it happen on dragonstar arena as well

    in the 6th arena where the WW can spawn, they sometimes channel one of their cone attacks as soon as they spawn, even when its halfway across the area from any target
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
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