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Zeal of Zenithar World Event Guide *Spoilers*

With the new Zeal of Zenithar Event there is a lot to do from meeting with old NPC friends such as Naryu, Razum-dar, Eveli, or Gwendis at the Belkarth Festival Grounds or hunting down the new style pages from the event boxes. What is probably least known though are the world events that have been added around the world. This guide will focus on the types of encounters and how they interact with each other.

The announcement of the event had the following to say about these new added world events. "New rare social and combat wilderness encounters are peppered throughout Tamriel for you to find, related to Zeal of Zenithar". After much investigation these events share the same spawn locations as other world events such as the adoring fan in Blackwood or M'aiq in base game. These events can be classified as one of two types either Main Road Events(M) which occur on the major roads or Side Road Events(S) which seem to occur on smaller roads or off in the wilderness. Now onto the events.

Audremard Petit Event(M)
*When traveling along a road you will come across a Priest to Zenithar praying at a shrine to Zenithar. When speaking to him he will offer you a blessing if you can answer a two question quiz about Zenithar. His quiz seems to draw two questions from a list of eight possible questions. If you get his questions correct he will bless you with "Zenithar's Blessing". This Blessing will unlock two additional Side Road Events(S) by shining a light on treasure as you approach and will be active for us to 12 hours before you need to renew it.
*There is a second part of this encounter to where you can steal from the shrine's coffer and obtain the item "Prayer Beads of Zenithar". This item can be used in the Juste Nin Event. The priest will always spot you when stealing it and scold you when doing so.

Golden Light Treasure Event(S) - Requires Zenithar's Blessing from Audremard Petit
*The first of two of these events will have you come across a shining light coming out of the ground. As you approach you will see that you can dig up a dirt mound. Doing so will grant you a "Golden Treasure Box" item. This item does not seem to be used for any other Event and can only stack up to 10 and be sold for 50 gold.
*The second of this type of event will have you come across a Minotaur kneeling at a dirt mound with a light coming out of the ground. After killing the Minotaur you can loot the mound and get a "Golden Treasure Box".
Update*A third encounter can occur when you find a treasure mound without any enemies. After digging up the mound you are attacked by a mage.

Endia Event(M)
*This event has you coming across Endia who has also encountered Audremard Petit and was granted the Blessing of Zenithar. Endia then came across a Treasure Mound like the ones above when you come along. There are three outcomes to this encounter. The Audremard Petit Event is not needed for this encounter.
*The First option is to tell her that Zenithar wanted her to have the treasure in which came she exclaims joy in that that she needed the gold.
*The Second option is to Intimidate her in which case she gives you hte treasure.
*The Third option has you Persuade her that you lost treasure around here and she will willingly give it to you but seem sad at the lost treasure.

Zalezu Event(S)
The Khajiit Zalezu when encountered will be in the process of being robbed by Taren Sethandas. Taren will be hostile towards you and you will need to kill him. After doing so Zalezu will express gratitude and offer you the contents of her sack, the "Award-Winning Radish". This item can be used in the Juste Nin Event.

Juste Nin Event(M)
This is perhaps the most involved of all the events as depending upon which of the other events you have done will determine which items you will have to give to Juste Nin. You will encounter him standing in front of a Shrine to Zenithar with a few options you can mention to him.
*The first and default option is to give his little bit of gold he has to Zenithar. If you tell him to do so he will donate his gold to the shrine and nothing happens as he asks Zenithar for guidance.
*The second option will only appear if you have the "Prayer Beads of Zenithar" that you an steal from the Audremard Petit Event. If given to Juste he will donate it to the shrine and then Zenithar will smite him by setting him ablaze and he will fall over dead.
*The third and last option will appears if you completed the Zalezu Event and received the "Award-Winning Radish". Upon given to Juste he will donate it and a golden light will envelope him and he will feel motivated to work.

Yrgrid Event(M)
*Yrgrid is a thug you can encounter that will warn you that her band of ruffians will take you for your gold unless you buy a "Mark of Protection" from her for a few hundred gold. Upon doing so you will get a few extra dialogue in the Grat Event. After accepting the Mark you can encounter Yrgrid again and she will have slightly altered dialogue and offer to renew your mark. The "Mark of Protection" is a buff that an be found on your character sheet.
Update*If you are grouped with a guild mate and they are with you when you encounter this event you will have two additional options. One will force her to give you the "Mark of Protection" for free. The other option will ask her for gold instead.

Grat Event(S)
*The Grat event occurs when you come across two random bandits and a third named Grat. They are hovering over a dead body which they are looting. They will attack on sight unless you "Mark of Protection". If you do they will notice the mark and state they didn't want your gold anyways. You can still kill them if you choose to do so.
Update*There is a variation of this encounter when you have the mark where he will say he is ignoring the mark and still attack you.

Begs-in-Wilds Event I(S)
Begs is an Argonian that you can find in the Wilderness that will ask for you help. Upon approach he will summon two bandits who spawn and try to kill you. After dispatching the bandits he will run away stating he didn't want to do this anyways.

Begs-in-Wilds Event II(M)
*Begs can be encountered in a second event on a main road where you can talk to him. If you have not encountered him before you can give him gold, tell him you can't help, or tell him about the Festival in Belkarth he can visit. No matter the choice you make I could find no difference. He doesn't appear to visit Belkarth.
*If you had previously encounter the Begs-in-Wilds Event I you will have an additional dialogue choice. This choice will have you confront him about trying to kill you which he will profess that he does not know what you are talking about and it must be someone else. After this the conversation will continue as above. Again the choices don't seem to matter with this event.

Nafzileh/Oorlar Event(S)
This last encounter is between an orc, Nafzileh, and the Redguard Oorlar and her bear, who are arguing over goods that where sold to Oorlar. You have the choice of either interfering and killing Oorlar and her Bear to save Nafzileh or watching as the bear kills Nafzileh. If you interfere then Nafzileh will admit to making some bad deals and you loot random items off of Oorlar. Otherwise you get nothing.

Update: Belkarth Festival Encounters
There are several encounters that you can have with various NPCs at the Belkarth Festival ground. Only one will appear at a time so you may need to visit the festival grounds several times to get all encounters.
*Naryu - Can be found behind a tree next to the Impresario if you have completed the main questline of the Morrowind Chapter. (Oddly she will mention saving Vivec and Sotha Sil which was not part of the questline.)
*Razum-dar -Can be found next to the sweetroll saleswoman if you have completed the Sweetroll Killer quest in the Gold Coast.
*Gwendis -Can be found against the roadside wall next to the Indrik saleswoman if you have completed the Greymoor/Reach Questlines.
*Eveli -Can be found next to Odhilda's shop if you have completed the Blackwood/Deadlands questlines.
*Arbirator Gavos Douar - Can be found next to the statue of Zenithar if you have completed the Zenithar's Abbey public dungeon quest in Blackwood.

Other Festival encounters.
Other parts of the festival grounds will change randomly each time you visit.
*On the performance platform you can get a Storyteller, Musicians, or Jugglers/performers.
*Next to the northern entrance you can encounter a tent with either a traveling Psijic or a traveling Clockwork automaton.
*The table next to the Zenithar statue can have either Wrothgar Clansmen or Undaunted.
*Next to the Indrik Saleswoman you can encounter an orc feeding farm animals or an animal handler with a large pig.
*And last but not least you can pet not one but TWO dogs. One next to the sweetroll merchant and another by Odhilda's shop.

In closing this event was really fun to figure out all the world events and how they played with each other. I really hope ZOS does more of these in the future. The only thing I wish we had more of was an actual puzzle to solve with a small reward for doing all the events, assuming I didn't miss anything with this event.
Edited by Benefactor on July 10, 2022 3:50AM
  • DarcyMardin
    Thanks! I’ve been wondering what I was supposed to do with that radish!
  • fernflower
    Soul Shriven
    You can get the Mark for free or even make her pay with a bag of coins(treasure item, worth 35 coins)
    3rd option - Mark for free
    4th option - make her pay
  • Benefactor
    fernflower wrote: »
    You can get the Mark for free or even make her pay with a bag of coins(treasure item, worth 35 coins)
    3rd option - Mark for free
    4th option - make her pay

    Thank you. I missed this as I was playing solo. I wonder if any of the other encounters are different when with guild mates.
  • Shagreth
    Really cool and all, but no reward? A bit of a letdown.
  • Legoless
    Interesting. Sounds like I'll have to go out of my way to encounter there during the event.
  • SammyKhajit
    Thanks OP. Zenithar smiles upon thee :)
  • JKorr
    This whole thing is spoilers, so read at your own risk.


    Pretty thorough.
  • Mortuus126
    Thought these were neat until I realized they gave no rewards
  • Benefactor
    The best reward for each of these events is experiencing them for yourself and seeing how they all fit together. I honestly wish we would get more events like this for me to obsess over and create guides for.
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