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StratsCo - Learn Progression Trials, Newbie to Expert. Raffles, generous guild crafters, and more


About StratsCo in Elder Scrolls Online

StratsCo is a mix of social and progression. We're a very active and helpful PC NA guild. We both running casual and progression events. Our main focus is consistently running guild groups for Dungeons, Vet Dungeons and weekly Trials. Our progression team is helpful and will guide new interested players.

Our weekly raffle pays for our Guild Trader as well as gives back to our guildemates.

If this sounds like the right fit for your style of gameplay, search for StratsCo in guild finder. You're also welcome to join us on Discord to get to know us first.

About Us

Since 2014, the community for people who play massively multiplayer games (MMOs)—usually together. We’re all about the strategy, gear, and content of gaming, with a special focus on playing MMORPGs together in good company.

We began as an ESO guild in 2014 and have since traveled from one game universe to another. The rest has been an evolution of sticking together, meeting new friends, and great discussion.

Steps to Join
  • Hop in Discord and add yourself to the teso role using the #rules-and-roles reactions.
  • Post an introduction so we can get to know you in the #introductions channel.

Join us at discord.gg/stratsco

Thank you for your time!
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