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Is this addon called Perfect Weave safe to use in ESO?

Will using this addon get me banned or is it okay to use? https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info2918-PerfectWeave.html#info
Edited by ZOS_Bill on June 1, 2022 8:49PM
  • Agenericname
    Im pretty sure what that add on does is prevent you from casting an ability until you have made the LA. It doesnt automate anything. I dont think that you would be banned for using it.
  • madman65
    I prefer Combat Metronome, it gives a bar to base your light attacks on. I have had no problems with this addon.
  • Celephantsylvius_Bornasfinmo
    No I used it for a long time. No issues.

    It has several options:

    Hard - You can't launch a skill unless you have respected your LA before the skill
    Soft - It changes the penalization of not having cast a LA before the skill

  • Iselin
    I use it and have never had any problems.

    It's not an automation just a way to help prevent overwriting a queued LA with a different skill during the GCD so it does what it says which is it helps you weave without missing LAs.

    As a side benefit it also helps you avoid double casting GTAOEs.
  • pklemming
    It is a 'meme' addon. I mean, it does what it says, but you are not going to get great numbers with it. I have it installed and everything turned off apart from double ground cast, which used to annoy the hell out of me.
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