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Couple addon questions

So...looks like I'll need an addon (or built in setting maybe) that will show some technical stats...ping...dsync...things like that. Also, would love an addon that would show you what traits you've already researched for items without having to go to each crafting station. Lastly...a...I dunno recipe book to look up which ingredients make what. Thank you!

Best Answer

  • Lucifer_Sam
    I would suggest Wykkyd Toolbar for ping, fps info plus a bunch of other stuff like bag space, gold, event tickets. It's no longer maintained but still works fine.

    For trait info, TraitBuddy. Also tracks motifs learned.

    For recipes ESO Master Recipe List may be good for you. Can't remember if it shows needed ingredients or not but does track learned recipes/plans.
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  • DigiAngel
    Awesome...thank you!
  • Necrotech_Master
    ping and FPS can be displayed with in game settings

    i use an addon called "info panel" which extends that to display other things such as currencies, bag space, repair/recharge notifications, how many chests found in a dungeon instance, and even some other more technical things such as lua memory being used by addons

    master recipe list is good for furnishing and provisioning recipes, but i also use ones such as character knowledge (tracks motifs, provisioning recipe and furnishing blueprints)
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  • Baertram

    Cross character knowledge tracking

    >This addon is a part of the Extended Journal, which is a collection of addons comprised of Loot Log, Item Set Browser, Character Knowledge, and Event Collectibles.
    Edited by Baertram on May 24, 2022 9:54AM
  • DigiAngel
    That's pretty sweet I'll give it a try..thank you!
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