[NA/PC] Returning player looks for a 21+ friend

Soul Shriven
I’m a returning player on ESo because new expansion seems interesting. I’m looking for a 21+ friend to play with on late evening, EST hour. I have a something like 100 CP character and some low-level toons. I prefer to start from the base game to the last one because I’m not sure where I am on my highest CP character. I played on a regular basis when the game launched in April 2014 and then very casually. My Discord is Handel#3882 . See you there and on Tamriel!
  • Nienna001
    Hey, if you haven't found anywhere, check out our guild. Dawning of the Alfiqs is a casual social guild with members all all different timezones. Our main focus is community and just enjoying the game, although we do run some events focused more towards harder content, including trials. Whilst we are small, we are growing so check us out if you want https://discord.gg/qvBusR6Waj.

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