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Request: Auto-Organize Newly Looted Items

Just going to copy and paste my request from ESOUI to here.


If it's possible, I'm requesting an addon that automatically organizes your inventory. Your regular bag and your craftbag. Whether it triggers right when you loot something, or when you open your bags. Doesn't matter to me.

I still want the "new item" icon (though I could do without the animation!), but I don't want all the new things I've looted to be stuck at the top of my inventory until I close and reopen my inventory.
Sometimes, I have sooo many new items since I last looked in my bag, that I have to close and reopen my bag several times before all the new items get organized into the rest of the items.
It's very annoying, in my opinion.

Is this possible? I've already tried searching around for an addon that does this, and I know that FCO ChangeStuff gives me the option to remove the "new item" icon and animation... but I like the icon. And using that option doesn't organize the items. They're still at the top of the list until I refresh my bag by closing it and reopening it.

Help! <3

The more I think about it, the more I think that keeping the "new item" icon may not be possible. That would be fine.

Edited by LoneStar2911 on April 28, 2022 9:02AM
  • Baertram
    As I said: If you want to get rid of the items at the top sort your items manually once by name e.g. and it should just put the items in the list, by their name.
    Depends on your usecase and how you'd like to have it. Maybe sort by level or price, whatever is provided there as sort header columns.

    Or use other sorting addons like Quality Sort, Quantity Sort, etc.
    Or a category addon like AutoCategory revised.

    Sorting of the items by new is something that cannot be simply changed as ZOs uses a function there which is re-used for several stuff.
    I tried to manipulate "the base" by removing the isNew flag at the inventory slot, but they are still sorted to the top afterwards... So if any addon would be able to solve this it would be a mess in terms of performance as it would sort by Zos stuff and then you'd need to sort it by another addon again.

    Maybe someone else got another working idea, but I was not able to achieve that what you are trying to get.
    Edited by Baertram on May 6, 2022 1:33PM
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