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Experienced PS5 Player LF 4 Man Content Guild

Hi guys! I played for a while on PC - up to 1650 CP - prior to switching to console (yes I know it's backwards). I just love the idea of relaxing on the couch and playing this game. Absolutely incredible on console. Anyways, I have lots of experience in 4 man content and am primarily looking for a guild that consistently does trifecta runs, challenger & other achievements in dungeons and 4 man arenas. Never really been into trials in this game, but love the 4 man content.

I main a stamina nightblade and am up to about 1100 CP on PS5 currently. PSN ID: Dang_Linh_***

    Almost the exact same for me! Played PC for five years. On PS5 now. Stamina and magicka Nightblade. Only interested in dungeon and arena content. CP 1,500

    Edit: I see this thread is three weeks old. Not sure why it was it at the top of the forum section. If you see this, message or add me in game! I'm FOULMISCHIEF
    Edited by FOULMISCHIEF on April 30, 2022 5:18PM
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