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Looking for a guild - DAGGERFALL COVENANT

Hi I've been playing MMO's for a long time. Started all the way back with EQ on dial-up.....If you have to look up what dial up is I'm probably not right for your guild :P

This is my first Elder scrolls game. I'm loving it so far. Different then most mmo's. Looking for people who are interested in end game content with a little pvp. Aldo I've gotten to 50 I feel there still lots of info in the game I don't get yet so would be nice to have a mature guild who doesn't mind helping with info.

So pretty much looking for a mature guild preferably people who have been playing mmo's together for a while. Shot me a message if you have room or more questions.

  • Cyandvai
    Hello Mario,
    I'm in the same boat as you, my first MMO was Ultima Online (dial-up as well).

    Us over at Kyodai tend to be a close knit gaming community that have played multiple games together. Not all of our members play ESO and we're slowly growing our ranks in this game. We like to maintain that small guild feel since we like to know all of our members. Feel free to check us out on our thread.


    You can look for me ( @Cyandvai ) or @‌Aoshi1

  • GinGurGurl
    Soul Shriven
    Yes I too have been in MMO's for a while now,

    B.L.A.D.E.Z is a small but active gaming group that recently joined the ESO community. We play many games and just are close knit group of 18+ members that hang out on out Team Speak and play a number of games we all love.

    If you end up looking for a Team Speak friendly Group at some point contact me at @GinGurGurl
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