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Dragon pet fragments

Can you get them in jester boxes or only with tickets? I won’t have enough by the 7th and wondering how to get the other fragment
  • Jim_Pipp
    Dragon fragments are only available for event tickets. You could by event tickets directly from the crownstore, but the anniversary event is about to start, and the dragon fragments will be available throughout.
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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Yes the pet fragments will likely be available for every event this year, it’s the skin you want to grab now if you want it.
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  • Maitsukas
    The system for Dragon fragments is same as it was for Unstable Morpholith last year and the Indriks in 2018-2020, you can only buy them with Event Tickets from the Impresario only when an event is running. If you miss buying one, you can traditionally get all of the current Dragon fragments and it's morphs during the New Life Festival in December.
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  • EozZoe1989
    can not wait to get my mount ut if anything need a event every month..[snip] i hope the events stuff gets better. also with the amount of tickets.. needs to be more challenging to get i think like kill three bosses or something.. yep-- that be cool-- instead eat cake lol-- the other thing is that the amount tickets are too much for all the items.. if anything we need more events in between the big ones. like week event like mayday something small ones like saint pats day something would be cool as weekly thing for that day.. like events need to have cool interacting content.. its cool different but less challenging when just eating cake.. more tickets and more events .. small ones in-between big every 2 month ones.. and big ones on the main event ones.. would be cool or just stright to point a event every month be good.

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