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Losing all Addon Settings

Hello All,

Since this has now happened three times, I figured I would post here for guidance. I am not actually losing the addon folders but my individual settings are being wiped to default, this is extremely frustrating as I am losing all configurations for things like Dressing Room, Azura, LUI, and Personal Banker. I do use Minion but do not have auto updates turned on, I cant figure out why this is happening. Does anyone have any insight?
  • Necrotech_Master
    based on what i have read in other threads, there can be cases where it might be trying to write back to the file to save data, but this fails for some reason, and possibly breaks the addon saved variable file

    its usually a good idea to back up the saved variables folder since all you have to do is replace it with the backup and saved settings will be good as new (its also handy if your trying to synchronize addons across multiple computers)
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  • Baertram
    The game is not saving your data constantly to the disk files! This only happens at a loading screen like login, reloadui, zone change, and at "proper" logout. Else it stores the SV data in internal tables in the memory and writes it to the disk then later at the above mentioned events.

    If the client crashes the SV files could get blanked or damaged and the addons reset to default values the next time you enter the game.

    So backup your folder live/SavedVariables before you start the game client!
    And always restore it before you start the game client too, in case a crash had happened and you notice ingaem the settings reverted.

  • Unknown_Redemption
    Thanks you two
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