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Minion will only launch once after laptop reboot, never again

Folks, just installed minion on my laptop. After a reboot, it will launch, and I can do thing with it. However, after that initial launch, if I try to run it again, it will not "load" or show on screen. Does anyone know of a setting I obviously do not have set correctly.

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Best Answers

  • Necrotech_Master
    ive had issues with minion when it is minimized, it either maximizes off screen or just never re-maximizes so i have to kill it with task manager to open it up again

    as long as i dont minimize it, then it usually behaves fine lol
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  • Baertram
    That's pretty common for windows apps that they can minimize to the so called "system tray" and not the taskbar. To keep your taskbar clean and not waste space for applications that should run in the background e.g. like communicaiton software, email programs, antivirus tools etc.
    Even Discord does this IF you configure it to do so!

    I'd always check the icons there for an applicaiton that was minimized, or even closed. Some do close to the system tray. You can setup this at the application's settings normaly, if supported,
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  • tmbrinks
    Minion is notoriously buggy about it. You can either kill the application in your task manager, or by actually exiting out of it when it is up. Then it'll come up the next time you start it. It's annoying.
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  • Bitter_Apple21

    Okay, I will test that. What I had been doing - after reboot - is "minimizing it". I just remembered, that I was not "exiting" and that when I minimized it, it DOES NOT show on the task bar. Maybe that is the core of the issue - exiting.

    So, I will test

    1) reboot
    2) launch
    3) exit
    4) launch ESO
    5) "alt+tab" to get to desktop
    6) find and launch minion

    See if that works.

    Thanks, I was going bonkers as I have installed this on my desktop and used it with guidance while on discord, but this was the first time I downloaded and installed it without guidance, so I presumed I did something wrong.

    Appreciated as always.
  • perfiction
    Try the Java .jar file version, for me it's way less buggier than Windows installer for some reason.
  • Bitter_Apple21
    Thanks all.

    I did find something. When I minimized the icon, I discovered it on the right side bottom bar - with the speaker control, and internet connection icon. Not in the main part of the task bar.

    When I double clicked on that, the minion screen appeared.

    I guess it is NOT in the bottom task bar, like Discord or ESO, but a service like the speaker control.

    Thanks all, appreciate the help.


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