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The game is weird and feels strange.

In the past 3 days the game became almost unplayable, impossible to enjoy, gives headaches and nausea.
Long loading screens, sounds and animations out of synch, chars/players not loading or stuck, game lagging, screen's kinda tearing. And i didn't even try Cyro :open_mouth:
Deactivated antivirus, checked any forward, if, in the router, gpu drivers are fresh, cable and mobile net speed checked and using both the result is the same.
Some guildies also complained 2-3 days ago, that it feels like the game is falling apart.
Anyone else experiencing difficulties described above?
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  • Photosniper89
    100% is not just you - I too have guldies that are starting to voice a lot of concerns/frustrations (and they don't play PvP).

    The problem is (good thing for us) is that PvE is now starting to get destroyed so the voices are louder and ZOS has to actually acknowledge it now vs sweeping it under the rug as (just those annoying PvP complainers).
  • Alastrine
    I have also been playing with all of this the last few days, as I'm sure everyone is.
    Looonnggggg load screens.
    Difficulties logging in (Queues, patch errors, etc. etc. etc.)
    Being unable to open Chrome once the game is started (thats since u33 day and still ongoing - another thread for that).
    Game loading slow... take a wayshrine to the event quest giver, ride/run to their location aaannnddd.... wait for the tent, people, npc's etc. to load in.
    Just makes doing the event quests a real chore. I'm at the point of just going for the one to get my 3 tickets and that's it. Haven't done the extra side ones since the first day - 85% of the purple boxes aren't worth the struggle anyway.
    It's a shame because I love this event.
    And virtually nothing from ZoS.
    Kind of surprised all this wasn't even mentioned during the live Twitter feed the other day.
  • ShadowsGothicAngel
    Weird you guys, I am sure a lot of us who are dealing with similar stuff! I have been getting strange headaches and energies outside of daggerfall area! The energies were so much, the internet just cut off for a few minutes.
  • Bat
    Just here to add to the reports that yeah, game feels entirely broken in a way unmatched during my years playing, unparalleled unpleasant gaming experience since just after the Markarth launch. Graphic pop-ins left and right, getting stuck running in unloaded terrain (like, literally halt and animating sprint or gallop, can't continue on the path until terrain is loaded in), animations on housing objects just not showing at all until interacting with them or placing them again, skills being desynced by 5+ seconds, that camera bug, the list goes on really.

    On top of it all, maining a dragonknight right now means having to deal with a constant very loud audio bug that comes from using certain DK abilities (inferno and dragon blood) that just keeps pressing out a grinding noise in a constant loop even after finishing fights and effects wear off entirely. This started happening of course prior to current isues, already after the DK skill lines were reworked earlier this year. It was especially tiring and nauseating in Cyrodiil during MYM since the only way to cancel the audio is to port to another instance, something that seldom happens in Cyro.
  • ZOS_Bill

    We recommend starting a ticket with customer support for assistance with the graphical and loading issues you're encountering in ESO.
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