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ESO Housing Hike -- showcasing creative houses each week, hosted by JHartEllis

Howdy, for the last 3+ years, I've been hosting a regular weekly housing showcase. Currently my aim is to spotlight some of the best of the best homes with the formal weekly Housing Hike, which I stream live and then vod for my YouTube Channel. I also get screenshots to put up on my website: https://spicyeconomics.com/esohousinghike/

And I often spotlight a home or two each week on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/JHartEllis

I'd like to continue to do this, and thought it helpful to have a consolidated thread to post recaps and to plan ahead for future weeks.

This past week had some truly amazing homes. November 12 tour video is here:

Really liked AzeliaStone's quick incorporation of new Deadlands crafted and achievement furnishings:
cheereo's Gothic Cathedral was jaw-dropping:
Vaermina's Nightmare by Hashii was disturbing but delightful:

Full recap is here: https://spicyeconomics.com/housing-hike-november-12-2021/

If you'd like to have a home considered for a Housing Hike, please mail me @JHartEllis on PC/NA or PC/EU. I'm generally looking for a high density of creative uses of furnishings as well as overall build polish. I currently stream the EU Housing Hike every other Friday at 1pm ET and the NA Housing Hike at 6:30pm ET at twitch.tv/jhartellis
Guild leader of Spicy Economics and Spicy Life on PC/NA
ESO Stream Team Partner on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jhartellis
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JHartEllis
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/JHartEllis
Website: https://spicyeconomics.com/
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