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Dungeon boss warning for deaf player

I am a deaf player and have a healer i run vet dungeons with.

Usually all goes fine but with some bosses i have a lot of trouble, dying all the time. For example the end boss of Falkreach Hold.
Keeping an eye on the healthbars of my group, avoiding ground visuals, trying to positioning myself in the right spot, leaves me no time to watch my chatbox as well. And being deaf i don't hear the boss shout either, which would prompt me to go hide. I see the group running for the pillars, run after them and die. I'm just not in time to hide. Frustrating for me and for my group that has to res me again.

I run Code's Combat Alerts and it is very helpful because i get a warning in the middle of my screen. Just not in these specific cases.

Is there any other addon i could run?
Or would it be possible to make a "deaf player help" addon? With visual warnings instead of audible warnings?

Another option for me could be a separate chatbox in which i could direct npc chat and just place it at a for me convinient place on my screen.
Are there such addons? pchat doesnt do it but maybe another one?

Any help or good suggestions would be very helpful.
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    There is a subtitles option in addition to the chatbox dialog (settings -> audio under subtitles), not sure if that’s helpful for your cases though.

    I’m also not sure about moving the chatbox, but as for NPC chatter the default box has a way to view only NPC chatter - make a new tab (technically optional, but will save you from having to turn every else on and off), on the new tab select the tiny ouroburos icon -> options and under filters uncheck everything but NPC.

    Hope at least some of that helps.
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  • Tharca
    Thank you for your suggestions. Really appreciate it.

    I already have subtitles on. Unfortunatly only lore dialogue is subtitled.

    For the chatbox i have a tab with just group chat and npc chat. The problem is that i want something either just above my skill bars or just under mob healthbar (basically more or less in the middle of my screen) so i wont miss it in the heat of combat,

    Dragging the whole chatbox there is a bit too much clutter :)

    But again, thanks for trying to help me out.
  • perfiction
    That's strange - I have subtitles enabled and mid-combat boss quotes are displayed as well, example:

    (same thing with Falkreath hold last boss and his "Grovel!" hide-behind-pillar voice cue, I see it with no issues)
  • Tharca
    perfiction wrote: »
    That's strange - I have subtitles enabled and mid-combat boss quotes are displayed as well, example:

    I think you may be right here. Apparently i hid the dialogue box behind the group window when rearranginging my ui with Azura.

    I have put it in a more suitable place now and hope seeing the warning next time.

    The reason i did see lore dialogue is because im not grouped when doing quests etc.

    Thanks for the head-up :)
  • Baertram
    There are some addons out there providing alerts but most are created for trials and not normal/vet dungeons.

    But maybe, if you ask at the comments, they could add something for other bosses too.

    And I think there also was at least one addon chekcing for chat texts and being able to notify you then. But I bet it was a sound... If I find it again one could check if there is any visual alert too.
    As the monster set (NPC chat) can be tracked too it should work to have a notification shown based on that.

    If this does not exist I bet someone could at least create a simple addon for it.
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