Cold Potato Achievement Guide

With the new Account Wide Achievements coming, I've decide to try and make guide to all hard achievements, this time I tried a different approach from my previous guides ..

I've tried to be as detailed as possible, would appreciate if you could watch and tell me what do you think ..

If its good, I might upload all my future videos like this! :)

Edited by ZOS_Bill on February 9, 2022 9:31PM
  • SchwarzeKatze3451
    Soul Shriven
    Hi there, thanks for great tips video! : )

    But my team have some issues to get this acievement.
    It always (not 100% but still) same player targetted by Avalanche.
    But someone said "it doesn't matter targetted or not, just all members should take Ice ball"
    So yesterday we tried and failed. Couldnlt completed.

    Is it bugged or?
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