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How do I get and enchant the top level gear without the right perks?

Soul Shriven
I’ve seen online how many people use top-end gear with maxed out enchants and traits. They say where to get the gear but they don’t explain if it needs to be manually enchanted and trait changed. Do I need to invest in crafting perks to get my gear or is there another way?
Like is there someone who can do it for me or something? Can you please help?
  • CP5
    Guild traders can have most anything, including glyphs for gear and weapons. Depending on what weight the armor drops in, you normally won't need to worry about re-enchanting it, though normally jewelry has the recovery glyph replaced by other ones like damage. As far as traits go, those guides will often suggest a few traits while never really mentioning others. If you can get the gear either dropped or crafted in the right trait that's best, but if you have access to either the clockwork city or a house that has a transmutation station in it, you can use those to change the trait of any piece of gear the character you're actively logged in on knows. The stickerbook also allows re-constructing gear you have previously collected in whatever trait you select, though it depends on how many pieces of gear you've collected for a set as to if re-traiting or re-constructing will be cheaper.

  • Dagoth_Rac
    You can buy the highest quality enchants and apply them yourself. There is no crafting requirement to apply a glyph. For traits, you can transmute a piece of gear to any trait you want but you must have researched that trait on that item. So if you want to transmute a pair of gloves from training to divines, you will need to have researched divines on gloves. Researching can be done with no skill points invested in crafting, but it will go faster if you invest some points. Researching also starts out quick and gets slower the more you research, so research the popular traits first. You can research your first few traits in hours. Later traits can take weeks, so leave the unpopular traits until last.

    Generally, there are plenty enough skill points in game to max out all the combat skills you want and still max out all the crafting. Most people becomes master crafters on their main character. But if you really don't want to learn crafting, you can mostly get away without it, even at endgame.
  • Veileddemon
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks. This really helps a lot!
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