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Console QOL - Alphabetise style selection on crafting UI

The crafting styles are currently in release order - which is a pain when crafting, as it makes it difficult to find a particular style.
Alphabetising them would make it a lot easier, particularly when doing several master writs at once
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  • allhailskippy
    I second this. Or at least an option for sorting.

    I've been here since just after 1 Tamriel, so it's pretty easy for me to have a general idea where in the timeline of releases style pages dropped. But as a new player it's got to be insanely confusing.

    Allowing us to sideways scroll helped (80+ styles is a LOT of sideways pressing), but adding a sort option here would be extremely helpful too.
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  • xilfxlegion
    a thousand times this !

    they added the indicators IF youre doing a master writ --- but if youre just crafting or doing multiple writs you have to scroll for 8 days.

  • LadySinflower
    This! If they refuse to change the order, a sort or search would be nice. Maybe a toggle that let's us choose between order of release or alphabetical. Maybe someday!
  • codierussell
    It would have to be by toggle, imagine having to sift through all those styles to get to the cheap base game ones for crafting writs on 18 characters.
  • Coatmagic
    It would have to be by toggle, imagine having to sift through all those styles to get to the cheap base game ones for crafting writs on 18 characters.

    Yes, am aware that I'm necroing this thread, but Adamantite:Altmer Style would still be at the start of an alphabetised list.

    I'm on PC, and have been since start, and would still very much like to see alphabetisation implemented!
    (Yes, there's addons for master writs auto craft etc etc etc, but I have enough addons and should not need yet another just to do multiple master writs in a timely manner!)

    Can only imagine the nightmare for newcomers collecting motifs for the achievs on crafter trying to figure out where this and that style mat are on that obnoxiously-long-and-getting-longer list.

    End the scrolling nightmare for those of us that can even remember what the release order is and the hot mess that this list is for newcomers.
  • tmbrinks
    It should be an option.

    Some of us are very used to the current system and would be forced to relearn where things are in the new one.

    But with a choice of "release order" versus "alphabetical" people could choose which one makes sense for them.
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  • bvburnes
    For the love of Sheogorath please, please do this!
  • Rory_FightingToFifty
  • tomfant
    Very much needed QoL feature
  • Jayne_Doe
    I support the option for sorting alphabetically.

    As a side note, one only has to look at where the Imperial style mat falls in the order to realize that release really only affects the order around the Morrowind release (may be earlier, but still, why is Imperial not with the rest of the base game motifs?).
  • MissPan3024
    Choosing alphabetical would be perfect. We do realize that the majority of us asking for this are doing multiple master writs at once. If we can’t choose alphabetical then please allow us to open more than writ at a time. I refuse to spend hours in loading screens going back and forth to Rolis- or maybe we should hijack that other thread about getting a Rolis assistant for our homes 😂
  • Amottica
    This would be a worthy QoL for all platforms. Especially with the pace, new motifs are added. It can have the base nine motifs in the front as it does now than everything else in alpha order afterward.

    It would also be nice to be able to set favorites to shorten the search for what we like ot use most, but this is very much secondary.
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