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PTS Progression Question

Does your quest progress and crafting skill lines for your toons (which were migrated from regular server to PTS) saved and reported back to regular server once new update goes live?

For example I level up a toon migrated from regular server to PTS from lvl 1 to lvl 10 in enchanting. During this process, did daily craft writs and collected a TON of mats, weapons armor etc. Some which used for resesarch, deconstructed for mats etc. And all these mats were put in the craft bag

When the new update finally goes live on regular server, will all this character progression get deleted? Or will it be transferred back to update the original lvl 1 toon on regular server? And if progression is deleted, what happens to all the mats that were put in the PTS craft bag? Is this craft bag same as regular server craft bag? If all this progression is eliminated, I'd hate to lose any regular server mats/items from being mixed with the PTS mats & other stuff
  • VaranisArano
    Regular Server -> PTS. It never goes the other way.

    So, no, nothing you do on PTS will ever transfer over to the regular server. In fact, you'll probably notice that your characters on PTS are several weeks behind your regular server characters because the database info ZOS copies isn't especially current.

    Also, none of what you do on PTS will stay on the PTS. Every time ZOS copies PC/NA or OC/EU info over, they wipe the database. So if I start a new character on PTS, it's going to get wiped away with the next switch and I'll have to start over.

    For these reasons, I don't recommend trying to progress a character on PTS unless it's necessary for doing what you want to test. It's probably easier to make a new template character by using the drop down option in character creation. In any case, none of that progression is going to be saved long term, and it will never carry over to the real server.

    Hope that helps!
  • KyleTheYounger
    Thank you! Saved me a TON of heartache!
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