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What I still miss in my house

Hello ZOS and greetings to all,

what I still miss in my house,

· Unsaddled animals in my houses (in the stables outside - they don't have any harnesses or saddles either) ;)

· Armor stands for exhibiting the precious armors (...armor belongs in every fortress/house)

· Musical instruments (...belong in every house)

· Water basins / pools in the house

I would like to have a canvas to paint on it, so I can hang up my own pictures, I would like to buy it in the crown shop.

What's your opinion?
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  • Fea675
    All great ideas!
  • kind_hero
    Agree, and I'll add some of my own, besides yours (which I also want)

    - wayshrine
    - portals between places, especially useful in large manors
    - windows and stained glass
    - filled planters
    - forge
    - structural furnishings such as roof, ceiling, wooden stairs with railing, wooden railings, walls with wooden or plaster panels in greater variety

    For the housing editor I would like the options to disable gravity for the char and to change the time of day and weather just for editing purposes!

    Also, for ESO+ we should be able to store the furnishings in the crafting bag, or have some crate item for vouchers that can store hundreds of furniture pieces! People pay more money on houses than DLCs/chapters, so I see this as a very due feature!
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  • everseeing_njpreub18_ESO
    I am hoping, with the upcoming expansion and the Bretons being all "medieval" having jousting rings, plate armor, etc. that some of the new furnishings might be armor and weapon racks, full plate stands, more wall shields, etc.

    I like to hope they never added them before even though they have been requested a hundred times because they were planning on adding them in with this upcoming expansion.

    One can hope.
  • cmetzger93
    And an alchemy garden since we don't have a hireling.
  • Sturmfaenger
    I would love to have a fluttering book as a pet that I could send on pathes in my library house^^
  • wheresbes
    · Water basins / pools in the house

    This so much. Water is life. I need water in all my houses.
  • Kesstryl
    +1 for filled planters, or even just planters with dirt that we can fill with our choice of plants.

    I really want more major quest NPCs as house guests. We adventure with these characters and would love to have them visit our homes. There have been a few, but not many, and none of the ones I've been hoping for, except Mai'q. I almost got Arox, but couldn't afford him in the time frame he was available. Here's some I'd love to see: Razum Dar, Eveli, Fennorian, Revus Demnevanni, Caska, Stibbons, so many good choices that I'm sure others have too.
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  • Ajaxandriel
    Get the actual customized name of the house displayed on screen for oneself and for the visitors when entering the estate and when one mouse over doors. Even in the loadscreen in place of the default name if possible.
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