Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase—January 2022"

  • Hotdog_23
    Also need to bring back the Clockwork God's Domain Furnishing Pack for the Daedric war celebration.

    Stay safe,😷
  • Araneae6537
    Well, I have to say, the Psijic Wolf is a very pretty mount! I don’t normally go for so overtly magical, but I got a few crates because I was interested in some of the more mundane rewards and have long wanted a spider pet, and fortune favored me with this lovely mount! <3
  • francesinhalover
    I want nerienth arms pack to release so bad :(
    Thank you Z for the amazing game and the great improvements you keep doing!
    Sometimes i write words that sound like words i wanted to write by mistake, my brain just isn't paying attention idk, so if i write a bad/wrong word, it most likely wasn't intentional.
    Shadow strike is the best cp passive ever! Razum-dar is the best character in the game!
  • Cundu_Ertur
    1000 or 1500 crowns for a re-skin of an existing banker would be a good option I think. Trick would be in how to do that. There really isn't a benefit to having more than one banker or merchant.
    Taking stealth away from the Bosmer is like taking magic away from the Altmer, making Nords allergic to mead, or making Orcs pretty.
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