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[WINNERS ANNOUNCED!] Animated Architecture: A housing contest (BIG prizes!)

Soul Shriven

UPDATE: Winners announced and all entries listed with screenshots below! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

As we enter the season of Winter, one of my favourite things to do is to cozy up on the sofa in slippers and a blanket, drinking hot cocoa while watching animated movies and cartoons. This was the inspiration for my first ever housing contest, Animated Architecture!

The theme for this contest is builds and homes inspired by animated movies and cartoons. Disney, Ghibli, Dreamworks, Pixar, you can draw inspiration from almost any animated film or series! Maybe you'll build a pineapple under the sea, cobble a mechanical moving castle, or decorate a sea witch's underwater grotto?

You can use homes of any size, and previously built homes are accepted provided they have not won any contests previously. Homes that are entered into other housing contests running at the same time are also accepted.
(The only limitation we ask is that builds are not overly gory, or too adult in nature.)

The homes/builds will be judged based on the following criteria;


TO ENTER, SEND AN INGAME MAIL TO @Nordenheim1 on PC EU OR PC NA. You must include your ingame UserID (@usernamehere), which home you have used for your build, and a title for the house.

DEADLINE: Monday 3rd January
Entries will be judged by Nordenheim, Elara Northwind and special guest judges StabbityDoom and Loonaromi! The entries will also be toured on stream by Nordenheim on Wednesday the 5th of January. This contest is open to players on PC NA and PC EU only, as we are only able to provide prizes for PC. That said, if anyone would like to share any builds on Console, you can film a short a video of this (3 minutes maximum) and I can show this on stream, though there will be no prizes for console players.

EHT may be used for this contest, but we advise using it minimally; the build should stand on its own two feet, for visitors that do not have EHT installed. Trigger animations will not be allowed for this contest.
The prizes for this contest are as follows;

First prize - 3 million gold and 15 crown crates
Second prize - 1 million gold and 4 crown crates
Third prize - 500k gold and 1 crown crate

In addition to these prizes, the top three winners will all have individual tour videos of their builds filmed by Elara Northwind and uploaded on YouTube!
I can't wait to tour some incredible animation-inspired builds on stream!

PS: Houses I have previously toured are still eligible for entry, though there should be some noticeable changes. Happy building!
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  • Nordenheim1
    Soul Shriven
    Without further delay, CONGRATULATIONS to our contest winners!

    In 1st place we had this stunning recreation of the Bath house from Spirited Away created in Grand Topal Hideaway by @Seaofstars on PC NA!


    In 2nd place we had a mysterious and magical build inspired by Alice in Wonderland in Coldharbour Surreal Estate, created by @Yumij on PC EU!


    In third place we had a TIE between two fantastic builds:

    This stunning Hunchback of Notre Dame build by @Malderyn on PC NA (Moonsugar Meadow)


    and this imaginative, eerie asylum build inspired by Alice in Wonderland by @Twerkules on PC NA! (Shalidor's Shrouded Realm)


    What incredible builds! I am so impressed by the creativity, imagination and skill involved in all of the contest entries, this was incredibly difficult to judge. All of the entries were brilliant, and I feel honoured to have seen these wonderful homes.

    Here are the rest of the brilliant builds entered into the contest, listed in no particular order:

    @MadamMcPosh - Nimalten Pokemon Center - Autumn’s Gate - PC EU


    @Blythespirit1962 - Shrek's Swamp - Ample Domicile - PC EU


    @Ukapala - Gena the Crocodile - Cyrodilic Jungle House - PC EU


    @Agnimhav - Western Air Temple - Varlaisvea Ayleid Ruins - PC EU


    @Sorries - Studio Ghibli - Forsaken Stronghold - PC EU


    @Niyuma - Cave of Wonders - Bouldertree Refuge - PC EU


    @Hachikochan - Tensei Shitara Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!) - Sleek Creek - PC EU


    @Unktom - Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Tel Galen - PC NA


    @Sparrow_blossom - The Boar Hat Bar - Mathiisen Manor - PC NA


    @KimmyMy - Disney - Hunter’s Glade - PC NA


    @OnyxOrb - The Hidden Grotto - Hammerdeath Bungalow - PC NA


    @Zendyra - Disney's Haunted House - Enchanted Snow Globe - PC NA


    @Xiolena - Let It Go - Coldharbour Surreal Estate - PC NA


    @Aireal - Beyond The Lamp Post - Gorinir Estate - PC NA


    @GadolYah - The Toymaker's Workshop - Ravenhurst - PC NA


    @Wynsdaymourning - Coco, Day of the Dead - Daggerfall Overlook - PC NA

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  • Nordenheim1
    Soul Shriven
    We've decided to extend the deadline for the 'Animated Architecture' housing contest by 2 weeks to allow for more entries, the new deadline is Monday 17th January!

    Edited by Nordenheim1 on January 23, 2022 7:17PM
  • Niyuma
    Will the tour happen on the 19th then, and at what time? :) Would love to watch the stream
    Edited by Niyuma on January 16, 2022 5:30PM
  • Nordenheim1
    Soul Shriven
    Niyuma wrote: »
    Will the tour happen on the 19th then, and at what time? :) Would love to watch the stream

    Thanks for asking, Niyuma!

    I will be touring the contest builds from 12pm CET (11am GMT) on Wednesday the 19th and Friday the 21st January!

    The judges will have a full week to judge, so the winners will be announced on Wednesday the 26th January!

    I will be posting a list of all the ingame usernames of folks who have entered here tomorrow, so that in the rare circumstance someone's entry wasn't seen, they can reply here or message me ingame to let me know! :)
  • Nordenheim1
    Soul Shriven
    I will start touring EU entries on stream from 11am GMT (12pm CET) today (Wednesday 19th Jan)


    Any remaining homes will be toured on Friday 19th Jan from 11am GMT (12pm CET)
    Edited by Nordenheim1 on January 23, 2022 7:07PM
  • Niyuma
    May we visit the houses of the other contestants? Would love to have the list of homes 🥰 Always nice to experience the homes first hand (Stabby supplied one, thanks)
    Edited by Niyuma on January 22, 2022 8:43PM
  • Nordenheim1
    Soul Shriven
    UPDATE: Winners have been announced, and all entries are listed below the first post with screenshots and details so that anyone can visit these wonderful builds for themselves!
  • StabbityDoom
    Thank you so much for showcasing the talent in our community, and congratz to the winners as well as all entrants - I enjoyed your work immensely!
    EHT zealot
    streamer: http://twitch.tv/stabbitydoom
  • katanagirl1
    Thanks for posting photos of these wonderful creations so those of us on other platforms can enjoy them!
    Khajiit Stamblade
    Dark Elf Magsorc
    Redguard Stamina Dragonknight
    Orc Stamplar PVP
    Breton Magsorc PVP

    PS5 NA

  • Nordenheim1
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you so much for showcasing the talent in our community, and congratz to the winners as well as all entrants - I enjoyed your work immensely!

    Thank you for helping judge!
  • Niyuma
    Thanks for the post. Wow really blown away by the houses. Gratz to the winners :smile:
  • swankery
    So fun! Love all of these!
    https://www.twitch.tv/swankery/ Housing Enthusiast! DDA founder/rep/Twitter@Swankery1@Swankery PC/NA https://www.youtube.com/c/swankery
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