Ideal vr level to tackle veteran dungeons with mediocre pug group?

Hello! I am currently a vr3 healer who doesnt have any friends playing (my guild with 60members started here but all quit because they hate the game) this game.

So I am forced to use the group finder tool for me to do dungeons, so far i am having a blast healing through each dungeons until I reached veteran dungeons.

It is insanely hard my party and I keeps on dying. We tried fungal grotto and spindleclutch we keep on wiping. My group are as follows

Vr1 nb, vr2 templar tank, vr1 sorc, vr3 healer sorc

Anyways we killed the first boss and ive observed that it drops vr5 items, so i was wondering do we have to be vr5 to make the dungeon doable with mediocre public grouping?

Please refrain from posting nonsense like my "learn to play noob my group finished it faster than you do and we are just vr1" or the likes.

Like ive said i have mediocre group because im only doing dungeon group finder and doesnt have a pre made group
  • Asava
    Banished Cells is where you should try. FG is the most difficult and Spin is the 2nd hardest. BC can be done with VR1 while Spin and FG you really all need to be VR3 for the most part. Learning the boss strats will help a lot.
  • blackwolf7
    Okay thank you for that, after getting owned by fg and spindle kinda gave up and told myself to comeback when im vr5 xD
  • doggie
    So far I've only been doing Banished Cells, started doing it at Vr 1 as Tank, and pretty much leveled entire Vr 2 in it since I still haven't done a single quest in the Vr 2 zone and I'm Vr 3 now.

    For the most part the PUG teams I've had have managed to clear the dungeon. But yesterday I did 3 runs, two of them didn't manage to clear the last boss and the third wiped like crazy on the first and didn't manage to kill the second.

    Which is pretty funny since I've never wiped on the first boss before and now I suddenly had a team that hardly managed to get him down.

    So teams do vary incredibly.
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