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Extracting audio files from ESO

Is there a little tool/software, which can extract audio files from the ESO game files and is also easy to handle? It should also convert those into playable standard audio formats.

If possible, I would like to extract voice files and maybe even the bard songs for private use only.
  • perfiction
    You can use EsoExtractData to extract data from the game. I used it only for .dds files, so not sure what format ZOS uses for their audio files (and how could you convert them to usable format), but it's a good start I guess.
  • Baertram
    You can try BlackBookBrowser as well as it provides an UI compare to ESOExtarctData:

    Not sure though if the audio files can be extracted into a proper format one can use to e.g. create an mp3 or similar.
    And I bet you would not be allowed to do so and share it somewhere!
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