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Maintenance for the week of July 15:
• PC/Mac: No maintenance - July 15

XBox NA - Performance since this week's maintenance.

Has been degrading.

The last two days, overall game performance has been significantly worse than the 2-3 weeks prior.

Cyrodiil is an obvious pain point. It has been back to mostly unplayable this week. Rimmen/Northern and Glenumbra have been super choppy. Haven't been many other spots. Volenfell and Bloodroot Forge dungeons displayed desync. Acknowledged by whole group/party. All living in different locations with anywhere from 100-400 internet. (I have 400 down / 20 up. Runs at 473 down and 23 up.)

Framerate/Hitching on bar swap not just presenting from inventory memory leak. Happening on toons without high inventory.

2 Armory build updates that were saved, one on Sunday, one on Monday evening, were reverted after the maintenance.

Played heavily through last week and weekend. Things actually ran better than they had in quite some time. Post maintenance this week? Absolutely terrible. Combat feels awkward. Movement feels hindered. Interactions with environment and npcs has delay and/or requires multiple attempts.

Checked with 3 guilds and friends. Majority are seeing the same. I don't think it's being flagged because the crashing is minimal compared to other post maintenance/patch occurrences like this.

Although a few did complain about crashing. That seemed to be folks on Xbox One S. (Not series.)
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  • Dragonlord573
    Yeah, I've noticed the performance is worse too in Xbox One. My friends, who have great internet, kept disconnecting every other hour, along with myself at times. And this was just yesterday.
  • ZOS_Bill
    Have you tried clearing the local save cache to help with these performance issues?

    To delete save data on the Xbox One
    1. From the Xbox Home Menu, navigate to My games & apps.
    2. Go to Games.
    3. Highlight The Elder Scrolls Online tile and press the [Menu] button of the controller.
    4. Select Manage Game. Highlight and select Save Data for the desired user.
    5. Select Delete.
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