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Reward: Sealed Enchantment Writs - Question about conditions

Hello dear crafters,

my assumption used to be that the reward for one's daily enchantment writ is conditioned by char and skill level, furthermore by points invested in Potency Improvement (ideally 10/10) and last but not least by certain achievements earned related to that skill (e.g. achievments for runes learned, etc.).

Yesterday I re-skilled a lot of chars who still had 4/4 invested in Aspect Improvement from leveling enchantment/ reaching enchantment related achievements. Reducing their aspect improvement to 1/4 and assuming that that would be irrelevant for the writ reward outcome I noticed a steep decline in Sealed Enchantment Writs as rewards today and am wondering now:

Does Aspect Improvement influence the drop-chance of Sealed Enchantment Writs - or does it not?
  • Mushroomancer
    Master Writs require you to have put all 10 points in the skill which allows you to use the highest level material, which, in turn, requires you to reach the maximum level in that skill. Achievements have nothing to do with it, as far as I know. For Enchanting, I believe you need Aspect Improvement as well, since, similar to the Recipe Quality skill for Provisioning, you cannot use purple and gold runes at all if you don't invest in it, and those are required in all the Master Writs. So yes, your problem should be that you don't have Aspect Improvement maxed out anymore.

    Edit: wrong info, check out the other comments below.
    Edited by Mushroomancer on December 29, 2021 9:35PM
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  • BenevolentBowd
    Thanks for contacting me.

    I reviewed my notes and the original ElderScrollsOnline.com sealed writs article ( http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/2017/02/15/homestead-guide-master-writs ) has been removed from their website.

    It is possible that something has changed, but according to my notes you would need to have a maximum potency improvement to start getting sealed enchanted writs. To increase the drop rates of sealed Enchanting writs, you would need the Enchanting Translation achievements. It is unclear if the additional achievements for newer runes count.

    Here are some of the officially documented ways to improve sealed writ drops.

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  • tmbrinks
    Potency must be 10/10

    Aspect doesn't matter. I have lots of characters at 1/4 who still regularly get master writs (at the same rate as the ones at 4/4)

    Knowing all the rune translations will increase the chance. ~15% is the maximum (The new rune from Greymoor, Indeko, doesn't appear to have any effect)
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  • ateso_ldee5
    Thanks a lot BB and TM for getting back and providing helpful answers!
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