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A little healing aggor help

Ok, read about 30 threads on agro...... while TESO is handling agro a bit differently I am having huge issues on my Templar Healer. As it stands, I cast no skills until way after the battle is started and still draw insane agro from the mobs. A few days ago the group left me behind, went up some stairs and engaged. I was downstairs picking a chest lock. They said the mob ignored all of them and came down the stairs after me. Huh?

Do we have a white light on the restro staffs the mobs see as a healer indicator :) I get the more I heal, the more agro I should draw (or would in most MMOS). But the repair bill is getting huge. I have addressed with the group better CC, agro grabbing as a rule. It still seems like I have a huge red cross painted on me that screams healer, come kill me.

On another note, I have lost about 15 pounds in weight running around the room while the DPSers try to get the mobs off me. Just me or any other healing types seeing the same thing?
  • AlienPrimate
    Same thing used to happen to me all the time. The worst place for it was fungal grotto by far, especially the giant crab and first dreugh boss. I have found that this is far less of an issue as you get higher level, because healers can also tank with the buffs they can give themselves. With just combat prayer, I have overcharged spell resistance and heavy armor, even though I have light armor on. If you do not use combat prayer on your primary bar, I highly suggest that you switch to it. So far, there has been no way to avoid this being a pure templar/resto staff healer, so you just have to get to a point were you can almost cast heals the entire duration of a battle.

    Another thing that I have found is that the level 12 dungeons should actually be listed at level 15 or so. If this is where you are having trouble, just wait a few levels to do them. The level 20 ones were somewhat easy for me at level 19, but the 12 ones were hard until about level 14.
  • Tatuaje
    Tks, I am level 43 at the moment. I know I am not the only one noticing this, the rest of my grouping friends are laughing at/with me..... Even they think something is a little wrong. I am able to stay alive as you noted - skills have morphed into a nice package. I still think we have a white beacon on our staff.... maybe craft a hoody for it :)
  • Wifeaggro13
    There are several mechanics that need to be adjusted in this game hopefully ZOS is listening. tanking is very undefined , CC's are well sort of meh for the combat system the designed. and agro management does not exist for the most part.
    Add in extremely horrible social ranges its Choatic mess for trash pulls and bosses are actually doable with out a tank. but not with out DPs or heals. and it gets even worse in the Veteran ranks. They are hard the first time through, but easily accomplished after that and in a lot of cases you wont even need a tank or agro management. Zos was slightly shortsighted with trying to make a game that was extremely flexible and less class restrictive while keeping the trinity. the trinity is a good thing we already saw what happened in GW2 group mechanics a horrible zerg fest with little strategy and communication.Its all fixable but they need to Deciede how.The game is great a ton of fun and packed with content. But group mechanics need to be adjusted for sure. And some skills completely overhauled.
  • Tatuaje
    Concur. Most battles are just as you stated - a chaotic mess. I do not mind earning my agro as I heal, but not getting it 1 room and a level away from the fight.

    As to your comments on grouping, you are spot on. Without the least amount of tools (voice, target marking, skill forwarding, etc) there is no way to have a competent and skilled battle. It seems as of now (again at level 43) the grouping is 4 people in the same instance vice a group working towards a common goal. While not liking the indicators missing, I can learn to live without them, but to have a sensible battle plan basic grouping functions need to be added.
  • ClaudiaMay
    I've only healed one dungeon so far, but I have noticed that EVERYTHING loves me to pieces. Literally. I put my defensive abilities on my bar and practiced my blocking and rolling. Since currently all my healing spells are instant cast, it's actually not so bad. I take some of the pressure off the "tank" who has a tendency, no matter HOW HARD I HEAL HIM, to go /splat.
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  • Medwin
    I was thinking of trying to be a restostaff tank.
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