Colourblind player need help to match outfit colours

Hi, I need help to match the colours on my outfit. The hood seams off to me and I have a hard time telling what dye would be best.

The outfit:
-Head: Sapiarch (light): wolf's fur brown, antique silver
-Shoulders: Stonekeeper: antique silver
-Chest: Arkthzand Armory (medium): antique silver, wolf's fur brown, wolf's fur brown
-Hands: Ebonsteel Knight: antique silver, wolf's fur brown
-Belt: Dremora Kynreeve: antique silver
-Legs: Dark Brotherhood (medium): wolf's fur brown, wolf's fur brown, antique silver
-Feet: Arkthzand Armory (light): antique silver, antique silver
-Weapon: Fire-Forged Maul: antique silver

  • fred4
    Looks fine to me. Hood has more light on it in the second screenshot, but colour matches the gear.
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  • Brrrofski
    This is why I go black and gold on everything haha.

    I get lost when I need to start throwing in shades of green etc.
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  • Mushroomancer
    Looks fine to me, maybe it's just the lighting throwing you off. Nice outfit btw.
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