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Horned Dragon style

Soul Shriven

Hello there,

I'm writing this message because I'm encoutering a problem to get this style pages (drop occurences).

As a matter of fact, I've been trying, by winning twenty times in battlegrounds, to drop it via deathmatch dailies (Rivyn reward boxes).

More precisely: I don't drop anything anymore in Rivyn reward boxes, excepts emotes or "battlegrounds souvenir"s (sellable to merchants at 1000 gold)"

If someone can help me with it?

Thanks by advance !

  • VaranisArano
    So, this style isn't subject to weighted drops like the newer BG styles. Unfortunately, you'll always "get" a page, but you just won't be rewarded with any duplicate pages.

    So basically you just have to hope that RNG rewards you with a page you don't already have. The grind for those last pages is intense.
  • WabanakiWarrior
    The drop rate on Horned Dragon has been messed up for a long time. If you just BG on one toon, you'll probably never get the full set. The way I managed it was by playing on multiple characters. No idea why it is like this, but hop on a new character and you'll actually start getting drops again. The first few drops on a new toon specifically seem to frequently get motifs.
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  • Spitfire2561
    Soul Shriven
    Well, I'm already playing BG with 3 toons...It would take time to train a fourth...

    I think they really should patch up / increase the drop rate.
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