Server is down PC NA

Just crashed
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  • MiserynCompany
  • Caligulove
    Not just me, then. OK.
  • Styxius
    can confirm with 10 people in discord that it's down
  • GetAgrippa
    PS4 NA too
  • Devy666
    Xbox NA as well
  • Durnik
    logging in now. maybe...
  • LiteEmUp
    so i guess na servers are down.. i guess back to fo4..
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  • Wittychick42
    Same. Me and my entire group crashed at once. Can't load back in. (PC/NA)
    Edited by Wittychick42 on December 15, 2021 3:29AM
  • zacvanm
    PS4 and PS5 is down too

    *Edit: I’ve been clearing out my bank full of crafting surveys for the last couple hours and the servers have been weird the whole time*
    Edited by zacvanm on December 15, 2021 3:28AM
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  • Sylvermynx
    Lots of totally crap weather around tonight.... Be safe everyone!
  • TrelNord
    I think the servers are just overloaded from economist role players trying to buy Heartwood in zone chat for 1k.
  • mixrgshoppreub18_ESO
    Thanks Gina!

    Seriously, are you on 24/7? <3
  • Marcusorion1
    PC NA back in now
  • DMuehlhausen
    I don't think it's the server. People connecting through Steam are still on and seem to be fine.,
  • sinnereso
    oh 3hr 58min login queue.. no problem =p
    < Count Michael Cullen >
  • woosinator2008
    nah i play through steam and still out
  • Tevalaur
    PC NA back in now

    Interesting... my wait time in the login queue is over 7 hours.
    Edited by Tevalaur on December 15, 2021 3:34AM
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  • Avoranti
    PS4 NA crashed and put in a queue to log back in.
  • woosinator2008
    I've been sitting at a 1 sec wait time for 10 mins lol
  • Sambucca1973
    No. I play on Steam, and it crashed. Plus, it appears platform-wide in NA.
  • sharpshooter2342
    Ps4 NA too and now a queue to log in and log in has failed several times already
  • RichD62
    As soon as I saw the first login queue notice I knew it was going to be a bad evening.
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  • Ramber
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Thanks Gina!

    Seriously, are you on 24/7? <3

    Hah, just happened to be on my computer doing other things when I saw the chatter internally!

    Everyone, please try logging back in now. There's a chance you may encounter a login queue but you should be able to get back in.
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  • sinnereso
    mines now 6hrs 18min login queue
    < Count Michael Cullen >
  • Achasse
    Soul Shriven
    PC NA: Feels like Final Fantasy XIV with 4 plus hour queue line. Not New World bad but queue lines that new.
  • Kendric5
    Soul Shriven
    Login queue says I have over 6 hrs to get in now.
  • majulook
    i now got 7 minute Que

    now 3 min 3 sec

    now 2 min 1 sec
    Edited by majulook on December 15, 2021 3:37AM
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  • Vevvev
    Queue time was pretty scary long, but the minutes quickly started getting cut down and I'm back ingame again!
    PC NA
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