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Halls of Fabrication Lore?

I'm trying to sort out what's going on in the Halls of Fabrication.

What I gather is that the Halls are Sotha Sil's production factory, they are in clockwork city, but have an extension/portal into Vvardenfell, beneath Tel Fyr.

What I DON'T understand is...

1) Why is it dangerous / aggressive / malfunctioning?
2) Who are all the dead / wounded people in the lobby of the trial?

I guess Fyr went in once to investigate, and discovered that someone else was also there mucking around - and maybe this is what set the halls off balance? Then he returned. The dead and inured people are members of his "trial team" (party). So we are the 2nd expedition.

If this is true it would really make no sense to destroy the Assembly General, rather we should find out who is tampering with it and destroy THEM.

Any insights?
  • NerfSeige
    > 1) Why is it dangerous / aggressive / malfunctioning?
    "I have been forced to reduce a number of aggressive fabricants to slag since my arrival. Whether that is in response to the commands of the ever-present overseer, malfunction, or instinct I have yet to determine. "'s_Notes

    I don't think it was touched upon, but I guess the Assembly General "the AI" thinks of us as "bugs" inside the workshop

    > 2) Who are all the dead / wounded people in the lobby of the trial?

    "While the workers were shaping the workshop beneath the tower, a rift opened up, and mechanical constructs began pouring out. Many of the workers were killed, ......"

    You're probably better served by asking on ESO-U discord so that the lore professors can give more insight.
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  • colossalvoids
    If I remember correctly it's not just creating those fabricants but actively changing/repurposing (refabricating) them so you can see on a last boss when General spawns "class copies" of an actual trial team members, for example if you don't have any wardens in a team you can't get a warden fabricant to spawn for an achievement.

    AG is kinda senior engineering designer there that spews his creations under Tel Fyr because there's material to be repurposed (living creatures as prototypes), which is a problem for Divayth and ultimately us as he surely won't stop there.

    Probably one of the examples why Sotha's experiments of creating Nirn 2:0 aren't successful be it Asylum or entire starving and to be abandoned CWC. Same as Vivec and Almalexia failing at their roles also.
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