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It would be nice to see a sort option at crafting stations

It would be nice to see an in-game sort option when at a crafting station to sort items by wear slot, weight, and trait for research and decon. Being able to sort armor at a tailoring or blacksmithing station would be a massive quality of life improvement. It would be nice to be able to separate all the light and medium armor and know exactly how many pieces of light shoulder armor with the 'divines' trait that I have so I can decon the excess. The same goes for blacksmithing armor and weapons.
  • Nestor
    If you are on PC, there are addons to do what you want.

    If you are on console, I understand your pain.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

  • PvXGamer
    that is the sort of thing that should be baked into the base game
  • rauyran
    The original crafting stations really need an update on their interface. We should be able to toggle using bank for deconstructing and upgrading at every station. A search box on all stations would be really useful too!
  • lurkin777
    I agree most of the stuff that I have addons for should be in the game client!!
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